WSUS not updating clients

WSUS SP1 is installed on Windows 2003 server. Synchronizes ok. All clients report fine. GP is set for option 4-download and install at 2am when no one is logged into the workstations. I can install updates manually by going to MS windows updates on the clients. Reports shows what is needed and I also have the options set to automatically detect and install select criteria such as: critical and security updates, service packs, Office service packs and updates.  What am I missing?  This is worth 500 points.
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engineer_dellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
5. At the client, delete the three values in the registry key at:
This is necessary to force the creation of a new SusClientId, which will force the creation of an all new database record (thus avoiding any potential issues with corruption or bad data in the original record, that may or may not actually be physically present in the database).
6. At the server, delete from the WSUS server, completely.
7. At the client, restart the Automatic Updates service, and monitor the WindowsUpdate.log and/or ReportingEvents.log for detection/download activity for updates. Following the detection and the uploading of events to the ReportingWebService, review the status as reported by the WSUS server, to determine if the new instance of this client appears and is reported correctly with regard to installed and needed updates.

Remember it may take time to work, try giving one or two reboots,

Hope it helps
Joseph NyaemaIT ConsultantCommented:
You need to tell your clients where to get there updates from

group policy for that:
Computer Configuration->Administrative Templates->Windows Components->Windows Updates

Double click and enable the following gp setting
  Specify intranet Microsoft update service location

Fill the following fields
  Set the intranet update service for detecting updates:
  Set the intranet statistics server:

For both use the same WSUS Server
i.e. enter:  http://MyWSUS_Server

The equivalent registry entry is:

   Value name: WUServer
   Registry Value Type: Reg_SZ
    This value sets the SUS server by HTTP name (for example, http://IntranetSUS).

     Value name: WUStatusServer
     Registry Value Type: Reg_SZ
    This value sets the SUS statistics server by HTTP name (for example, http://IntranetSUS).

Michael PfisterCommented:
First place to check on client: C:\Windows\WindowsUpdate.log

Check your client and server using the tools provided by MS: (Server Diagnostic Tool and Client Diagnostic Tool).

Check your IIS is healthy:
Authentication and Access Control Diagnostics 1.0 can test anonymous access to your IIS.

Hope it helps,

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You can also try setting a deadline date for the update. This can force your computers to update by a specific date.

Also check your C:\WINNT\WindowsUpdate.log file on your client stations. It may shed some more light on what's going on. You may have to delete the SoftwareDistribution folder and/or delete the WIndowsUpdate.log filea nd have WindowsUpdate recreate it.

Start a forced scan on the workstations by typing "wuauclt /detectnow" at the command prompt.

Try this if this doesn't help you then post the event errors and update log.

1. At the client, shutdown Automatic Updates service.
2. At the client, use bitsadmin to check the BITS queue, and flush it if there's anything there.
3. At the client, make a backup of the %windir%\SoftwareDistribution folder and all subfolders and the %windir%\WindowsUpdate.log file.
4. At the client, purge the following folders of all content:
and delete the following files:
aschostaAuthor Commented:
These are all great suggestions and I have looked into all but the last one from engineer dell. I wll be able to complete that task tomorrow. I checked the logs on one of  the clients and it was saying that windows installer 2.0 was too old so I uploaded 3.1, still no updates. All clents check into the WSUS server ok, I can go to each client and do a manual update where it will pull from MS, not the WSUS server, and they all will list the updates needed which are then ready to download. ( I thought even at this point the clients would pull from the WSUS server. Am I wrong?) This particular client has neither SP1 or SP2 installed. Again, I do have windows installer 3.1 on it, BITS is there, too. How about windows validation tool? Thank you.
Are these Windows 2000 Pro clients? I don't think automatic updates will work with anything less than Win2k SP3 already installed. Disregard if they are XP.
aschostaAuthor Commented:
they are all XP
Check here on
Troubleshooting Client Targeting
aschostaAuthor Commented:
The other important part is if you are running a Sonicwall Firewall like I am, make sure you create client exclusions if you are using Gateway Anti-Virus and/or Anti-spyware services on the firewall. You can also enable byte range exceptions in the diag.html portion of the OS running the Sonicwall. Thank you to all who replied!!!
Can someone tell me if I need to remove that client from the WSUS server once I have completed the steps above by Engineer_Dell?
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