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This is my scenario. I have a diginet line installed which connects to a SAP server of mine. And the users are located in remote location I have to printers connected to a JetDirect device. Configured on IP port 515. On the physical device it is simply connected on port 1 and 2.

But now it has on IP address. Is it possible to add a second IP port like 516 for the laserjet printer. If so how do I do it?.

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> but 516 and 517 is also for lpd

Actually, they're not. You may be able to configure your system to use those ports but you won't find many lpr/lpd systems/devices using anything else but 515.

I've checked out the documentation on HPs site and it appears you can access the physical ports using a different port number. 9100 will access port 1, 9101 is port 2 and 9102 is port 3. You could try those.
Naser GabajE&P Senior Software SpecialistCommented:
>>I have to printers connected to a JetDirect device.
Can you please spicify the brand, is it HP, Dell, Epson?

>>Is it possible to add a second IP port like 516 for the laserjet printer. If so how do I do it?.

If it's HP, usually it comes with HP Standard TCP/IP port; All you need to do is from the printer properties, fo to PORT TAB, and add port, put the new IP add you want, and you r done.

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johanvz1Author Commented:
The printer I need to add is a jp laserjet 1100 there is already a Tally T2340 working  correctly on prot 515 now I need to get the hp working because if I print to the HP on sap it prints on the Tally because the IP address are the same and no specific port is specified for the HP. How do I get around this?. Also not that I am not physically at the location I am a 1000 miles away and the users are not technical at all. I can connect remotely to the jetdirect if need be.
For Jetdirect print servers with multiple ports, the output port is selected by a queue name.
On your system, configure a network printer, address, port 515, queue "raw1" (minus quotes) to send out parallel port 1. Second printer will have same address but queue will be "raw2".
johanvz1Author Commented:
But can you have multiple IP ports assigned as far as I  can remember that is the whole point of using  a jetdirect.
The answer is no, you can't assign another port. Jetdirects will be listening on port 21 for ftp printing, 515 for lpd printing and 9100 for HPs own data stream.
You use the same port with a queue selection to set the physical port you wish to output to.
johanvz1Author Commented:
yes but 516 and 517 is also for lpd thats why I want to specify and extra port for the extra printer how else would I get it do distinguish. EG I am printing from sap and have set the one printer to 515 and the other to 516 and the IP address is the same so what must happen on the jetdirect side?.
Take a look at Table 5.2 page 158-159 Supported Queue Names

-so give Frabble's first :
a try if you want to use lpr/lpd printing

otherwise 9101

If your printserver is w2k3
-and the HP-box has been asigned IP
-and you have an open TCP/IP connection betw. server and box
then the GUI 'add printer' wiz. will actualy find the jetdirect as so
and let you direct output to parrallelport2 as far as remember

johanvz1Author Commented:

Well on sap and unix the printer setup is like this.

Tally T2340 connected to port 1 on the jetdirect.

HP Laserjet 1100 on port 2 and the config is is


In SAP the Tally is configured to print to on port 515 and the laserjet is configured in Unix to print to IP address and when the guy arrived at location he just moved the LPT1 port from the port 2 to 3 and the laserjet also printed. Thanks for all the assistance.Between you guys I am nore sure how to split points you post the suggesstiong Ill have a look question is closed.


Glad to have helped, though I don't know what you mean when you say "he just moved the LPT1 port from the port 2 to 3".
johanvz1Author Commented:
moved printer cable from port 2 on the jetdirect to port 3 physical connection
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