motherboard sensors: cpu temperature, fan speed?

I would like to retrieve information concerning the CPU temperature,Fan speed
from the motherboard, and also i want to increase the the fan speed. Where do I start?

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manish_regmiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi davinder101,
    If your hardware is ACPI compatible (most PC boards are). You need to program ACPI. But there are two difficulties.

1) Version 3.0 spec is 618 pages and will take a considerable time to study and write a program.
2) You will need to access the hardware directly. You migtht need to write kernel module.

Manish Regmi

Mortaza DoulatyCommented:
What is your mother board?
For example for Asus mbs, there are some kits to do that, some dll would help you.
And about increasing fan speed, you can only di this, if both your mb and fan support this functionality.
davinder101Author Commented:
my mother board is INTEL
Mortaza DoulatyCommented:
Haven't you visited the Intel's site for more information and especific softwares?
davinder101Author Commented:
I want to do it through program.
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