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Singstar Copyright - Songs

Posted on 2006-07-04
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-05
I've just bought a game for Playstation 2 called Singstar... mainly just for another 'something to do' during parties, but...

Just out of curiousity, the songs that are in the game... is it still legitimate to copy them onto a MP3 player and listen to them like that?

I mean - they're full songs, not like bits of songs from movies... and if it helps, I'm in Australia.

So anyone that knows copyright law, I'd love to hear your opinion.
Question by:khooc
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LVL 17
ID: 17036861
That information should be printed on the cover or on the disc itself - the usual 'Copying of this material for private or public use is prohibited'. If it doesn't have this then you will need to check further as the absence of the warning doesn't necessarily mean that you have permission to copy.
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Expert Comment

ID: 17036989
You are small fish.  Technically, you are probably breaking the law and they won't care.

But, you never know the copyright holder may like frying small fish.
LVL 22

Expert Comment

ID: 17038608
Fortunately you are in that distant, down-under continent, far from the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave where RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) is dragging 12-year-olds into court  -- but I'd check under the bed all the same.
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Expert Comment

ID: 17042036
Technically it is illegal to Copy the songs off, but from a legal standpoint, if you are the Original Owner of the CD, you are allowed a certain amount of Leeway as long as you can provide proof of Ownership. This means the ORIGINAL media.

Author Comment

ID: 17042071
Original media as in the Singstar DVD, or the musician's CD itself?

For example, if I buy an original DVD music video of an album, am I allowed to take the music off it and transfer it to my MP3 player for listening?

Expert Comment

ID: 17042098
if you have a DVD music video, and you take the music off it, convert it to MP3's and listen to them in a compliant Player, it is legal AS LONG as you have the Original DVD and do not attempt to make money off the MP3's since, if you're selling the Music yourself, you're denying the original Artist Royalties.
LVL 17
ID: 17046606
>denying the original Artist Royalties

That's what the penny-pinching rip-off music industry thinks you are doing if you copy off a disc that you purchased. They think that if you want a copy for indoors and a copy for playing in the car that you should buy it twice. Similar to the software industry that want two licences off you for running the same software on two computers.

Expert Comment

ID: 17047350
<That's what the penny-pinching rip-off music industry thinks you are doing if you copy off a disc that you purchased. They think that if you want a copy for indoors and a copy for playing in the car that you should buy it twice. Similar to the software industry that want two licences off you for running the same software on two computers.>

*is confused*

I know there's some truth to that statement in general, but didn't the court rule on cd burning, and as long as it was in the immediate family, it was ok?  Which is actually broader than one copy in the car and one in the house.  But, if I buy it and my sister lives in the same house, I can burn it for her.  Though, given the modern family and divorces its not making copies for other immediate family members where the cd industry looses money, its making a copy for each house that the modern American kid lives in that they lose money.

I'm pretty sure the court ruled on this...

which makes me wonder about limited computer registrations and itunes...

Expert Comment

ID: 17048688
We're straying slightly from the topic, the ruling of intellectual property with regard to Software and Music is different - With regard to software, unless otherwise stated, you may NOT install a program/software package/game on more then one machine. As we know... this is not the reality in homes all over the world.

However with regard to music, you are allowed to Backup your music, but their very clear on this : IF the law finds you to have one of these "BACKUPS" in any of the various forms then they are within their rights to ask you to produce the original. Failing to do so would result in implications.

on a lighter note...  how many people do you know who've been frisked for MP3 Players?
LVL 17
ID: 17054963
>didn't the court rule on cd burning

I don't know about that, different countries have different courts and different rules.

I once bought a licence that allowed me to legally make tape copies of my records for my own use - I think they changed the ruling on this within the year and did away with the licence, but this was way before digital copies were possible so the copy was never as good as the original.

Accepted Solution

iamzain earned 1000 total points
ID: 17056478
different countries DO have different courts with different rules, but this does NOT apply to the individual manufacturer, Example : Microsoft - You may NOT disseminate, Reverse engineer, modify, or Duplicate does'nt matter which country you live it, it's a disclaimer attached to the product. Same applies to Sony.

The reason for a licence being issued to copy from one analog source to another was simply because Records were being out-phased at the time.

One could assume that the allowance of CD copying would be a licenceable activity if they ever decided to discontinue the manufacture of CD playing equipment. this is highly unlikely
LVL 15

Expert Comment

ID: 17069781
sorry if i repeat anyone. if you just burn the audio cd for your own personal use and don't distribut it you will be fine. i have a few kareoke dvd's and i've recorded the tracks into mp3 format using total recorder (www.highcriteria.com). big companies don't usually care about one individual person breaking the copyright. Microsoft doesn't care if John Smith has an illegal copy of XP, if it were the Commonwealth Bank running illegal copies then they would be all over it. Of course they have to find out first.

Author Comment

ID: 17072119
Cool, I think it's time I wrapped this up - iamzain, you make an interesting point about different licensing agreements for software / music.

Anyway I think I've made up my mind - I'll rather be safe than sorry.


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