Change Powe Supply on window 2000 advance server, PROBLEMS START IN RAIC CONTROLLER

            i have put new power supply in our server running window 2000 advance server, it has three SATA Hard drives and running on adeptec Raid 5 controller. As soon as i reboot after BIOS, it asked that press enter to accept changes so i presssed enter and then it start making sound like wistling and message apperas that raid 5 is degraded or missing or changes.

Then it start normally everything, My question is that after accept changes in for new hardware changes, why it is making sound of whisting for few minues unless i presss to accept the changes.

Please advice me as i was thinking that changing power supply would be same as changing in normal computer but this server asking me to change something in raid controller or array..

Can someone help


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PberSolutions ArchitectCommented:
It could be power supply  related, but I bet the farm on the one of the disks have gone bad... hence the raid degraded message.  Do you see anything in the system or application event logs?
ezlogAuthor Commented:
Thanks for quick reply. I just been told one of my collegue, in proceess of changing the powse supply, one power cable was unplugged fron one of the hard drive, so when it started first, it start making whistling sound as it could not find of one of three hard drives.  Later they plugged the power for third SATA drive. and then reboot system.

I think that degraded setting had been placed when system tried to boot on two SATA drive and it has been accepted as degraded.

Now we detected all three hard drives in Raid Controller but whenever system reboot, it make sound of whistling and then when press enter, it seems to be ok and gone to work properly.

Server is running fine but only make whistling sound when it start and after pressing enter, it works well.

What do you think where we should make changed in raid controller to accept new changes, as it seems to me that raid controller is getting previous setting and not accepting new settings after detecting new drives

Please advices us and thanks for your help

It sounds like you have an HP or Compaq server.  If this is the case, you need to go into the Integrated Log Viewer utility and select the failure for the power supply then either Acknowledge it or select the option that says it's corrected.

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ezlogAuthor Commented:
unfortunatly, it is custom made server and we bought it from one shop in our area. i dont know about integrated log viewer utility.

Actually power supply is working fine now and everything looks ok but only whitsling sound when we reboot systesm and when it comes to raid controller. it found array successfully , and then it gives us four options

Press enter to accept changes
Ctrl AND A to enter raid controller utilities
two more options, which are, i could not remember so we normally press first option and then sounds gone and operating systems starts and everything start working.

So i think that we need answer from someone who can advice for RAID CONTROLLER configuration and how we can make changes if any new device added or upgraded.

So Advice us , really apprecated

PberSolutions ArchitectCommented:
Normally a raid controller stops a boot when it detects a degraded item.  In this case the drive that wasn't powered up.  Normally once you replace or fix the drive, the it should boot normally.  I'm not familiar with your controller, but it might continue to stop while it rebuilds the raid set and depending on disk size, may take several hours.  Usually this is not the case.  

My suggestion would be to backup your server ASAP then go into the raid controller utilities and see if all three disks are online.  I'm suspecting one is still dead and when it makes that weird sound, it is trying to spin up the disk and then when you accept the changes, it disables the bad disk and the sound goes away.  As you are aware, be careful in the array config utility as you don't want to wipe your array.  Whatever you do, don't initialize the disks.
ezlogAuthor Commented:
thanks, i have just checed that all hard drives are visible in raid controller disk utilities, and also checked on adeptec cotroller system manager programm where it shows three hard drives for full size.

I have checked event viewer screen on server and it does not show any abnormal activity except for degraded message for one hard drive.

We do back up every day for for all data so that is very much secure.

It looks like somewhere, when we made changes in array for new settings as we tried to boot server from two hard drives on raid 5 controller as it required to have three hard drives minimum then put back third one so problem looks like happend during these process /

this is my opinion, what do you think as i am not very good in raid controller configuration.

Thanks and any advice would be appreciated
PberSolutions ArchitectCommented:
It's probably just waiting for the last disk in the raid set to complete rebuilding.  I would wait for the raid set to complete rebuilding and test another reboot to see if it boots by the raid controller post.  If it does not boot past the post, you might have to go in the array config and resave the configuration.

Sorry I'm not better help, I'm only familiar with HP/DELL/IBM raid controllers.
ezlogAuthor Commented:
Thanks A lot, you have done lots to me and i am very happy to receive your feedback as you are correct as it is not showing any abnormality in system so it might be rebuilding array, as it is three hard drive and each hard drives is 200GB so obviously, it would take time to rebuilt

I will keep any eye on server and also checking remotly so in case, anything changes

Thanks a lot again
PberSolutions ArchitectCommented:
Not a problem.
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