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Hi everybody,

I'm developer in a small software company - we develop a CAD like Windows-application (Visual C++ 6.0 with MFC) which handles mouse-wheel and middle-mouse-button for some functionality.

Now a customer told us these doesn't work when he uses our application in a Citrix Metaframe environment - I checked this and found that the control panel's mouse-settings doesn't show something about middle mouse button and mouse wheel.

Is there any possibility to enable usage of mouse wheel and middle mouse button in Citrix Metaframe?

Thanks in advance,

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ET0000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The current mouse support on the server doesn't deal with mouse wheels. It might be possible to install mouse drivers on the server which add that support, but you run the risk of breaking something, and since Citrix isn't really supporting the old MetaFrame versions, you will be on your own to resolve that issue. It becomes a risk/reward tradeoff -- is it worth possibly hours and hours of time to get the mousewheel support? Only they can answer that.

The best course still is to get to a recent O/S version (Windows Server 2003) and the current Citrix version. They get ongoing support, and probably better reliability and performance. They may want to consider moving to it gradually, setting up a new farm and moving applications and users to it gradually, eventually upgrading the current servers to also join that farm.
I assume that when you say "MetaFrame" you mean something like MetaFrame 1.8. That is a fairly old version of Citrix -- they have since released Presentation Server 3.0 and 4.0, both of which support wheel mouse functionality.

I'm sure the customer won't like it, but they really should upgrade to a more recent version of Citrix. (I'm pretty sure that Citrix has sunsetted MetaFrame and even they don't provide support for it anymore.)
ZoppoAuthor Commented:
Hi ET0000,

well, I'm not quite sure which version they use, I'll try to find out and suggest them to upgrade it.

Thanks a lot,


ZoppoAuthor Commented:
Hi ET0000,

sorry, I'm not sure how to handle this now - it might be you're right with your suggestion to upgrade to a newer version, but the customer doesn't want to do this, they have hundreds of people working on their citrix farm with at least a dozen of application and they don't want to risk a change of their running system.

Any suggestions?

Best regards,

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