Backup Exec 10 problem - exchange logs not clearing


I am currently using backup exec 10 to backup all exchange db and logs. i have set the option to ''FULL - DATABASE & LOGS (FLUSH COMMITTED LOGS'' so it should clean the logs when finished but the logs keep on piling and they are now over 20gb

what i do when that happens is that i run an exchange db only backup (i created a job in backup exec that only backups up the information store and the mailboxes / public stores) .. and this cleans up the logs for some reason ..

when i run a job with more than only the exchange db it does not clean the logs .. ..

any toughts ?
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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There should be something in the logs of either Backup Exec or the system about the failure to flush the logs.
What does that say?

ExchgenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I guess may be.... backupexec is trying a full system backup or what we call is flat backup when you have other jobs along with exchange backup...

If logs files are getting purged when you select the full database backup only, this indicates exchange and backupexec is working as expected (the exchange agent of backupexec).

I feel Symantec veritas should be in a commanding position to provide you an insight.

matanguayAuthor Commented:
sembee : backup exec logs say it backed up successfully

exchgen : symantec support is not an option right now. i have to rely on myself. (contract support is in the process of renewal and until then i am on my own.
Good option for now is to either completely trust Symantec and take backups that are seperated as exchange backup and others or use NTBACKUP to backup exchange databases.

matanguayAuthor Commented:
what i did is now on monday,tuesday,wednesday my daily job runs,  on thursday the exchange only jobs run and on friday the weekly job runs ...

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