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Horizontal Scratch lines on video - Sony Vegas 6

Hi all,

My equipment is -
SOny HDR-HC1E (Videocamera)
Sony Vegas 6 (Video editing)

I have been filming a few play's and productions at work and each one has had the same problem when it comes to editing it in vegas and also once on DVD.
I am getting distortion when there is motion, horizontal lines on the picture, like staggering....

I cannot show any screen caps of the video, but i have reproduced the exact same effect on a picture of mine, please see here.

I hope that someone knows what is making this happen and hopefuly how to stop it happening :)

Many thanks,

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2 Solutions
berkinhAuthor Commented:
I should mention that when watching video directly on the camera itself, or when hooking the camera up to a TV it looks fine, it only looks bad once captured to vegas!
The staggering you are seeing is called "interlacing" - See here for pretty detailed explanation of what that means:

berkinhAuthor Commented:
But i can see the lines on my TV 'Interlaced Display' !! as well as my monitor

The photage is shot in HD 1080i 16:9 and then edited and rendered in HD for future use, and then rendered down to non HD format for puting onto DVD.
And when the DVD is played/viewed on a regular TV, i can clearly see these "interlacing" artifacts!

What i cannot understand, is that with my previous camera, a cheap & cheerful Canon MV600 i do not recall ever seeing these Interlacing artifacts.
Yet now with my Sony HDR-HC1E worth about £1400 / or around $2500 at the time of release ... so a fairly high end consumer HD Mini DV camera, i get these lines.

Is it possible that this could be an error with Sony Vegas 6?


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But I can see the lines on my TV 'Interlaced Display'  it could just be the dvd player does not cut the grade for display certain sized photoes. the dvd cd quality or the size of the display on your tv.
How old is the dvd player have you clenaed the lense, one way to test this is play a dvd movie and look at the difference.
Is your tv/dvd HD?

What format are these photoes when you burn them?
There are so many HD dvd players that play all formats of cd and dvd.
could be the s-video cable
I don't use Vegas, but it seems to me that you may have some project settings, render settings or export settings set wrong.
berkinhAuthor Commented:
"What fotmat are these photos when you burn them?"

Well the lines where actualy appearing on video photoage not photos, i only used those photos to show what i meant by the scratch lines, which i now know are caused by staggering. But what i dont understand is why I am getting the staggering... on the computer and on TV.

And no my TV is not HD yet, but that shouldnt make a difference as i render at normal resoloution before i burn the project to DVD.

I am going to look for another means of transfering the HD content on to my computer from the video camera other than SOny's Capture. Then i can at least rule out whether or not the damage is occuring during the capture.
So if anyone can suggest a good program that is capable of capturing HD content from my camera 'Sony HDR-HC1E' then let me know.

Thank you
Quality also comes from a good video card and lots of mememory.
most camera have their own programs bundeled with and Sony is a very good brand.
What capture software you have depends on the video card.
the snap you provided what were you playing this in? Or viewing it.
try this as a good starting point
go to start > run .type>dxdiag press enter then diagnose your display.

what version of directx do you have? 9c is the latest.

What video card do you have updating the drivers could also help.
How much ram?

berkinhAuthor Commented:
Hi Merete, I am glad my question has not died yet :D

My video card is a 7900GT, the RAM is currently 2 GB of Coarsair XMS Pro DDR2 (800MHz) and my directx version is 9c
never give in lol.
what does the directx diag provide any help?
It can show what your video drivers are capable of.

Here is the guide for the Camera

Sony HDR-HC3 Camcorder Review

HD programs to capture

BTW I have two cards gigabyte Nvidia Geforce 6600GT N66T GDDR3 SDRAM  which has some brilliant capture .
I chose gigabyte Nvidia to match my mainboard which is also Gigabyte.
My Crad which cost me over 600 dollars asutralian
and I had to buy a new PSU to support the extra load.
I now have 480w PSU.

The other Leatec video capture card.

You have a way cool card too newer than mine.
The new 7900 series has arrived, but how does it stack up against ATI?

this is one you should look into
WinFast PX7950 GX2 TDH
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