turn off router

Hi all

Ican't ping my intern gateway and i was wondering if you
Can you switch off a cisco router and then swicth on agian without losing
the configuration

thanks davy
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ECNSSMTConnect With a Mentor Commented:
depending on the models, only if you saved it previously.

which model do you have?


please let me know that ur internet gateway is based on hardware or software?
You can switch off the cisco router and switch on again if you saved you configuration.
for restarting the router will takes 3 to 7 minutes depends on ur mode.
Can you get into the router via the console port?  Like the prior response provided you wrote the config you can power cycle it without loosing the configuration.  if you made changes, but did not write them, you will revert to the prior version upon powercycle.

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Oh, Cisco ain't Microsoft, so reboots may work for MS <grin>.  You may want to investigate what the actual problem is.
It is possible that you have an ACL that is denying ICMP traffic.  If so, it was by design.

2500s, 2600s, 1700s, 1800s, 800s, are a few router series that you have to ensure that the config is saved by typing copy run start; it will save the running-config to the startup-config file, some of the other Ciscos (high-end), once to type in a commnad; its automatically "remembered".
davy999Author Commented:
Hi agian and thanks for your response

Iam not at work until monday where i will investigate the matter further

Itried to ping the gateway but got no reply i pinged my self that was ok
Like you said it could be software based if so i think it could be the DHCP server
if that is the case.

I thought i would restart the router but i think i will wait as it was not me
who installed it. but if you have any suggestions i will be glad to take them on

Thanks Davy

It is unclear what problem you are trying to resolve which makes it rather difficult to provide suggestions.

Do you have internet connectivity from that location while not being able to ping the gateway.  You might want to check the local computer to make sure it does not have a local software firewall that reject the echo responses.
if you are attempting to ping from the outside of your network, it is more than likely that ICMP is disabled (at least I'd disable it).  If you are at home and the business is not in a state of panic; it could only mean that users are able to access the internet (or you guys don't use the internet via that gateway).  So there may be nothing wrong.  

The DHCP server will only be assigning IP Addresses to devices internal to your LAN (unless you have VPNs into your network; which may take advantage of DHCP services)  I can't see DHCP issues at this point.

But if you can provide more symptoms of the issue; it will be more helpful.

davy999Author Commented:
its an intern problem, iam in a library and can,t get access to the internet
done ipconfig the ip address is 192.168.x.x and gateway
 tried to ping the gateway no luck. for a week ago they had internet access.

I hooked up another machine to the same netcable with ip of 172.x.x.x now this is static that had internet access. went to the server room look at the ports seemed to be alright. thats all the info until monday.  
as far as saving the config before you reboot, in ios, in enable mode run the following:

Routername# copy running-config startup-config

then you can cycle the router, and it will reboot with the exact same config.
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