repartitioning windows failed

I have a laptop (dell mobile precision m50) with a 60 gb hard drive.
I have just reinstalled Win 2K on it and now I am trying to install linux for dual boot.
I tried OpenSuSE 10.1 and Mandriva Linux Free 2006.
In both cases, the attempt to modify the windows partition fails.

OpenSuSE gives an error code -3027

and Mandriva says:

Partitioning failed: ntfsresize failed:
ntfsresize v1.11.2
Device name: /dev/hda1
NTFS volume version: 3.0
Cluster size: 4096 bytes
Current volume size: 60011610624 bytets (60012MB)
Current device size: 60011610624 bytets (60012MB)
Checking filesystem consistencty ...
0.00 percent completed
Outside of the volume reference for inode 8.

What can I do?
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Hi, allelopath ,
would you mind having a free partition manager as powerfull and feature-rich as Partition Magic ?
The one that's capable of creting, shrinking/resizing , converting and deleting NTFS partition and without installing it to hard-disk?

Then visit  dovload Gnome PArtition Editor *.iso file
burn Gparted bootable Live CD
insert CD and boot to minimal Linux environment with Gparted tool displayed on the screen
shrink your NTFS partition
make new Linux ( ext2/ext3 or ReiserFS partition, swap partition)
an reboot system but this time boot from either SuSE 10 or Mandriva installation CD
and proceed with yor Linux installation.
Gparted features :
Gparted Live CD download :

good luck
It seems that you are resizing the NTFS partition to make space for Linux.

The ntfsresize program is unable to resize your Ntfs partition Because the NTFS support is quite limited and most of the development was done through reverse engineering.

So, In this case Partition magic might be the choice to resize the partition. Create an empty space and start  installation again.

Don't you have free space now?
What is your partition layout?

allelopathAuthor Commented:
>>t seems that you are resizing the NTFS partition to make space for Linux.
Yes. When I installed Win2K, i saw no option for making the NTFS partition only 30gb (for example) instead of the whole drive.  I can reinstall Win2K if there is a way to do that.

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yes, Windows does not let you partition in its installer.
You have several choices:

Use tools like patrtition magic to resize and repartition.
Use 98 boot floppy/cd and use fdisk to repartition and reinstall win2k and then install linux

you can also go to rescue mode and use fdisk to delete and create partitions.
I think suse have live cd you can boot from live cd and partition from there.

Manish regmi

If you have goback installed inside windows this will produce similar effects, so make sure you have uninstalled that if that is the case. Check the symantec site for the correct procedure to completly remove goback.

Bootit-ng is a very good partition resizing utility:

Actually win2k and xp etc do allow you to set the partitions sizes during the installation. The setup asks you where you want it installed and then you can create the partitions you want.

>> The one that's capable of creting, shrinking/resizing , converting and deleting NTFS partition and without installing it to hard-disk?

By the way, qparted, gparted, parted ... all relies in libraries from linux-ntfs project for NTFS file system. As he already said ntfsresize did not work, It will also not work.

Manish Regmi

Hi, Manish Regmi ,I'm afraid you're wrong!
It's nice of you for taking care of this issue ,
 but I must ask you something:
"What was the last time you used gparted?"
 I did it a week ago or so!!! And I just did that - resized Win XP NTFS partition to make room for
 new PSLinuxOS installation.
Please take a look at those couple WEB pages if you still don't trust what official Gparted says about
its features :

Subtitle : " c) So you choose to resize the /dev/hda1, which is a NTFS partition."

ntfsresize: The best (among the free and proprietary) NTFS resizing tool now supports many more of those little rare annoying cases, and can resize them correctly. (Great job done by Szaka!)
 The ntfsresize program safely resizes Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000, Windows NT4 and Longhorn NTFS filesystems without data loss. All NTFS versions are supported, used by 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. Defragmentation is NOT required prior to resizing because the program can relocate any data if needed, without risking data integrity.
 Ntfsresize can be used to shrink or enlarge any NTFS filesystem located on an unmounted DEVICE (usually a disk partition). <end quote>

hi nedvis,
   I know gparted can resize NTFS. But In allelopath's case, ntfsresize failed. so i said that gparted might also fail because ntfsresize failed.

"...But In allelopath's case, ntfsresize failed"
And that's because neither OpenSuSE 10.1 nor Mandriva Linux Free 2006 will load NTFS kernel module during setup process I guess.
That's why I recommend Gparted with NTFS kernel module loaded when running in full GUI mode.

allelopathAuthor Commented:
gparted worked.
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