POST file or edit input type=file value

Is it possible some how to edit TWebBrowser input type file value?
If its is not then maybe some one could give me example how to post file to http server.

Thank you experts.

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2266180Connect With a Mentor Commented:
using indy, it's pretty simple:, stream); // stream can be a filestream, memorystream, etc

do you need to necessarely use twebbrowser?
>> Is it possible some how to edit TWebBrowser input type file value?
tadooxAuthor Commented:
ciuly, i will try indy no it is not necessarely TwebBrowser but i thougth it would be more simple.

 atul_parmar, thanks for information but it is no help because for input type=file interface value is read only and i cant set it in regular vay.
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Yeah the value is readonly I've also noted that we can type into the textbox.

To do it anyway, you can set focus to the object then send keystrokes.
tadooxAuthor Commented:
atul_parmar, do you think it is posible to do it this way if my Twebbrowser is not visible?
I would say that sending keys to webbrowser is a very ugly idea. no offense. since you can do it from indy with one line of code, why bother?
you can use twebbrowser for al lother operations if you really want that  and indy for posting the data.
tadooxAuthor Commented:
ciuly, i totaly agree with you it is a very ugly idea :)

Thank you for help guys i will try to do some code with indy..
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