Flash Disk cannot open Word document properly

HI all,

I have a problem with flash disk storage media.
I tried to save in microsoft Word 2003 an internet content via-viz copy and paste feature of Windows. I was able to save in flash using my computer. When I tried to open the file from flash on other computers, then Microsoft word displayed square box only. Before it opened, it said you need convertor or please check the rights of the file. I did not set any rights to the file.

The same problem was occure in other flash disk. I could not solve the problem.

Mode - Samusung and Scandisk

Best wishes.


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speak2abConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well formatiing the Flash drive "may" give you results because some flash drives misbehaves when they are filled almost to full capacity. So if this is the case with you formatting should do the trick.

But What is really happening is that the Flash is kind of re-encoding the file(s) when they are copied to it and this makes such files misbehave when transferred with such a flash.

Do you still have the original file on your computer? If you do, Some Flash drives are reliable you may want to try another flash drive for your file transfer. If you have a CDwriter you may just write the file on a CD to avoid this headache. Or if you have a Card and Card reader or an MP3 player Flash drive that supports data you can use them most of them have proved to be more reliable than some flash drives.

Note: this does not mean that the Flash drive can not be used for other files the problem may just be with this file type.

All the best

Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Hello there,

This seems like you have a different font or language setting on your computer different then others.

Check on your computer and see what you have your settings at. To check the language click tools, Language, Set Language. Make sure you have the same as the other computers. Also you might have to install the fonts you are using on your own computer to the other ones to view your document. Here is a link to add new fonts...


Hope this helps
Hi efioi,

Save the content into word.
In the pasted doc, Select all - Ctrl A and change fonts family all to Arial or some other font you prefer.
Just open wordpad and save the contents as text in rtf format if fromatting is not required.

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i have experienced this before the problem is with the fonts like mentioned above. you can change the font of the whle doc when you get to other PCs till you find one that shows valid text or you change the font of the doc to one that the other PC have
Hi Efrem,
          First if you are saving word file in higher version and trying to open in lower version then it will gives you error. So please check version first.

          Second is try to open the in the same(where you are saving it) If you are able to open the please check the permission in the second PC, where it is not opening.
- Because MS word create temporary file in the same folder. May be you do not have the writing permission on the second PC.

Try it, if it is working let me know some more knowledge about version or else.

efiojAuthor Commented:
Dear all,

Thank you for your reply promptly. I really appreciate your effort.

Once again, the problem is not related to font since I tried to open the file on orginal computer where I saved the file. First what I did, I tried to open on other computer then tried on the orginal computer. The same problem appeared.

For your information, I applied your advice but it did not apprea the document as I want.

Best wishes

The flash drive has corrupted the file try copying d original file from the system
efiojAuthor Commented:
should I format the flash disk?
Hi Efrem,,
      Well it may be problem of flash drive but you said that you are trying to copy data from internet to MSword-2003, see in this case MSword-2003 some time misbehave, So please again do the same but this time save that file in local hard drive, then close that file and now reopen the file in the same pc… and please let me that what happens.
- See if file is opening properly then there are 50% chance that flash drive is not OK. Rest of 50% is goes to MSword-2003.
- And if file is not opening properly then it is 100% problem of MSword.

- Karan
efiojAuthor Commented:
Hill all,

I have tried with other flash. The problem was not appreared. I copied the files to other media and format the flash. I tried the same procedure as I did before. The problem did not appear. However, I could not open the previous files which were saved before formatting.

What I understand is the problem lies on flash disk.


On your original file, right click > properties and see if there is a Security section at the bottom of the General Tab,
you should see this following message

Security: This File came from another
              computer and might be blocked to
              help protect this computer

If you get the above and see an Unblock button.
Then maybe when you click the Unblock button the file may be viewable.

Let us know the outcome.

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