Bulls&Cows game - how to figure out no. of cows

Posted on 2006-07-05
Last Modified: 2008-02-01
Hi Experts
I'm writing an applet, Bulls&Cows game, as part of my java exam.
I have difficulties to check how many cows ( same color - different position) there are after comparing combination of user chosen colors (userGuesses[number_of_guesses][i]) and secretCode colors (secretCode[i]).
Retrieving number of bulls (same color - same position) is working OK, I think.
This is very urgent for me.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Here is my code for doComparing method:

      public void doComparing() {      
      int bulls = 0; // number of bulls
      int cows = 0;  // number of cows
           // four pegs have been selected
   // count up the number of bulls and cows
   if ((userGuesses[number_of_guesses][0]).fillCircle.equals((secretCode[0]).fillCircle)) {bulls++;}  
          else if ((userGuesses[number_of_guesses][0]).fillCircle.equals((secretCode[1]).fillCircle)) {cows++;}
         else if ((userGuesses[number_of_guesses][0]).fillCircle.equals((secretCode[2]).fillCircle)) {cows++;}
         else if ((userGuesses[number_of_guesses][0]).fillCircle.equals((secretCode[3]).fillCircle)) {cows++;}
         if ((userGuesses[number_of_guesses][1]).fillCircle.equals((secretCode[1]).fillCircle)) {bulls++;}
           else if ((userGuesses[number_of_guesses][1]).fillCircle.equals((secretCode[0]).fillCircle)) {cows++;}
           else if ((userGuesses[number_of_guesses][1]).fillCircle.equals((secretCode[2]).fillCircle)) {cows++;}
           else if ((userGuesses[number_of_guesses][1]).fillCircle.equals((secretCode[3]).fillCircle)) {cows++;}
         if ((userGuesses[number_of_guesses][2]).fillCircle.equals((secretCode[2]).fillCircle)) {bulls++;}
           else if ((userGuesses[number_of_guesses][2]).fillCircle.equals((secretCode[0]).fillCircle)) {cows++;}
           else if ((userGuesses[number_of_guesses][2]).fillCircle.equals((secretCode[1]).fillCircle)) {cows++;}
           else if ((userGuesses[number_of_guesses][2]).fillCircle.equals((secretCode[3]).fillCircle)) {cows++;}
         if ((userGuesses[number_of_guesses][3]).fillCircle.equals((secretCode[3]).fillCircle)) {bulls++;}
           else if ((userGuesses[number_of_guesses][3]).fillCircle.equals((secretCode[0]).fillCircle)) {cows++;}
           else if ((userGuesses[number_of_guesses][3]).fillCircle.equals((secretCode[1]).fillCircle)) { cows++;}         
           else if ((userGuesses[number_of_guesses][3]).fillCircle.equals((secretCode[2]).fillCircle)) {cows++;}
         for (int i = 0; i<bulls; i++) {
                    (bullsCowsScore[number_of_guesses][i]).fillCircle = Color.BLACK;
         for (int j = bulls; j<(bulls + cows); j++) {
                   (bullsCowsScore[number_of_guesses][j]).fillCircle = Color.WHITE;
            if (bulls==4) {
                  winLooseLabel.setText(" YOU WON! ");
                  restartLabel.setText("<html> Click the green peg to </n> restart </n><html>");
                  finished =true;
            //      doReset();
            if ((number_of_guesses == 9) && (bulls!=4)) {
                  finished = true;
                  winLooseLabel.setText(" YOU LOOSE! ");                  
                  restartLabel.setText("<html> Click the green peg to </n> restart </n><html>");
Question by:BUCKA
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Expert Comment

ID: 17042706
Tut tut, homework questions are not allowed on EE, never mind exam questions...

If you tell us more about the problem you're having we can steer you in the right direction, but not do it for you!!!

Author Comment

ID: 17042927
Fair enough,
I didn't expect code of course, just idea where I'm making mistake in logic for checking equality.
I was trying to do checking using 2 nested for loops and excluding number of found bulls but it doesn't make much more difference. That's my problem.

Expert Comment

ID: 17043245
Try using == instead of .equals().  I'm not sure, but this might make a difference since its static final constants you're using to check the equality with (i.e. Color.BLACK etc.).

== checks to see if the references being cmpared are in fact poiting to the same ovbject. As such, since the Color.BLACK etc is static and final, if you use these static final fields to set your colours, then the == should work (as static means 'only one copy of, belonging to the class).
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Expert Comment

ID: 17043767

You should use 'for' loop instead of multiple if.

you need an array of boolean (local variable)   used=new boolean[4]; // 4 ==secretCode.length

first found the correct colors at correct place :
  - for each i in 0..3 :
       - if userGuesses[i] == secretCode[i] then   bulls++  used[i]=true

then find the other guesses in secretcode :
  - for each i in 0..3 :
    - for each j in 0..3 :
       -if  !used[j] and userGuesses[i] == secretCode[j] then   cows++  used[j]=true
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Accepted Solution

Webstorm earned 500 total points
ID: 17043803
>>then find the other guesses in secretcode :
correction, you also need a second boolean array, initialized by the first one :
  boolean[] used_g=(boolean[])used.clone();
  - for each i in 0..3 :
    -if  !used_g[i]
     - for each j in 0..3 :
       -if  !used[j] and userGuesses[i] == secretCode[j] then   cows++  used[j]=true


Author Comment

ID: 17046228
Hi Webstorm
You are genious!!!
I implemented what you suggested and it works perfectly now.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Well deserved 500 points
LVL 13

Expert Comment

ID: 17049130

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