promptex not working for my report

I am having a problem passing arguments to my report. This is basically the link that is being used:

Note that all 3 of the parameters are created in the report and parStartDate and parEndDate are Date values. The problem is it is still prompting me for the parameters when I run it.  What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.
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frodomanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would try it without the single quotes:  promptex-parStartDate=06/01/2006&promptex...

I believe everything in the URL is treated as text automatically so your Crystal formula is probably trying to do a CDate conversion including the quote marks.
Try promptex-0=5399&promptex-1=....etc...
mathew_sAuthor Commented:
It still asks me to provide a value for parStartDate then parEndDate and finally parWorkPackage_ID. Is there something I have to do with the parameters in the report?
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It's been quite a while since I've passed anything in a URL but if I remember correctly I never did get dates to work as dates.  I had to use text-type parameters in Crystal and pass the date as text and then within Crystal convert from text to a date.  You might want to give that a try.

Also, what is the datatype for package ID parameter in Crystal?
mathew_sAuthor Commented:
parWorkPackage_ID is a number. I will try what you suggest...
mathew_sAuthor Commented:
OK. I changed my date parameters to string parameters and changed my selection formula. Now I get the following error.

Error in formula <Record Selection>/
'({parWorkPackage_ID}={T_Proposals.WorkPackage_ID}) and

Bad date format string.

T_Proposals.WorkPackage_ID is an integer in the database.

This is the url I am using now:


Here is the selection formula:

({?parWorkPackage_ID} = {T_Proposals.WorkPackage_ID}) and
({ACR_Tasks_0607.proposed_start_date}>=CDate({?parStartDate}) and {ACR_Tasks_0607.proposed_start_date}<=CDate({?parEndDate})) OR
({ACR_Tasks_0607.proposed_end_date}>=CDate({?parStartDate}) and {ACR_Tasks_0607.proposed_end_date}>=CDate({?parEndDate}))
mathew_sAuthor Commented:
Thank you!
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