need to get 2 character day from date all the time

gfs1 Jax:alex /home/alex> CDA=`date | cut -c9-10`                
gfs1 Jax:alex /home/alex> echo $CDA                              
gfs1 Jax:alex /home/alex>                                        

Thanks in advance,
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OK, you have two options.

One, use date formating
> CDA=`date +%d`
That will return day of moth with two didgits
(So today 05 :) )
otherwise you could use
CDA=date | cut -c9-10`
printf "%02s"

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CDA=`printf "%02d" \`date +%d\``
Tintin with a bash only solution ;-)
I'd vote for:
CDA=`date +%d`
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Doesn't matter if you are using bash, ksh, sh or zsh.

CDA=`date +%d`

is not going to give you a zero padded 2 digit date.

From date's man pages

%d Displays the day of the month as a decimal number (01-31). In a two-digit
field, a 0 is used as leading space fill.

However, some shells might remove the leading zero, in that case you could try
CDA="`date +%d`"
Tintin, which OS's date does not use leading zeros (I'm learning too)
Doh!  What was I thinking!!  Not sure how I got on to that line of thought.
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