cisco 3548 setup

i have deployed a few cisco 3548's and some of the connections to devices are not responding as expected.  i have 1 at the main site and 2 are at 2 remotes.  is there a way to tell these switches to just act like a switch or something like that.  this is my first experience with the 3548's and they seem to have quite a bit more options than the 2900 series switches that i am used to working with.

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Generally when I run into those kinds of issues with Cisco switches, it’s a duplex and/or speed negotiation issue. Most often it’s between Cisco gear, once in a awhile it happens to workstations and servers, but that’s pretty rare. You can also get similar problems with bad wiring, especially with split pairs. You didn’t say what 2900 you where using, but if it was one of the really old ones with 10M ports, and you replaced it with a 3548 with 100M ports, there is a good chance you are experiencing wiring problems. If this is the case you can confirm it by locking down the ports you are having trouble with to 10M, and if that fixes it you know you need to upgrade your wiring, or keep running at 10M.  
Out of the box these switches are no different than a 2900 series. They do have a lot more options that you can enable, but that's all they are - options.
These are obsolete switches, so if you got them 2nd hand you might want to make sure they are set to factory default..

Can you be more specific in defining "not responding as expected" ?

Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
Is this by any chance a 3548G-L3???

If so, it's a layer 3 switch... Basically a 48 port router.

joewy1Author Commented:
a few ports are going up then down and when the winterm that is connected to it tries to get to the server, it does not connect every time sometimes taking a few tries.  i am going to try to hard set the port on the switch and the winterm to match instead of auto negotiate.

is there a way to default the switch and it keep it's ip setting?
also the switch is a 3548-XL
>is there a way to default the switch and it keep it's ip setting?
No. If you reset to factory default you loose everything including the IP address

The 3548Xl has been out of production for a while now (End of Shipment Date  October 25, 2002)
You didn't say if you got these 2nd hand. If so there may be a reason the other people wanted to get rid of them.

Else as Dr-IP stated, your cabling infrastructure simply may not support 100Mb. Is it certified CAT5 cabling?
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