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Need Advice-Veritas Backup Exec 9.0 running slow or normal?

Posted on 2006-07-05
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-01
Hello Experts,

I need some advice with a backup issue. It seems like for the past few weeks my backups take alot longer than they should. Here's the scope:

The backup server is a 2003 domain controller running BE 9.0. This server does nothing but AD,dhcp,dns,and backups. The backup device is an HP LTO 448.

I run a full backup on the domain controller, excahnge server also a domain controller, and 2 file servers. Total bite count is 115,775,168,512 and takes about 13+ hours to finish. I have excluded everything I can. I'm not sure what throughput rate I should be getting or the proper way of checking it.
While the job was running I recall seeing that I was getting about 200mb/min give or take.

Does this seem slow to you guys? If you need more info let me know I'll get it.


Here's some more info:

Device and Media

Device: HP 1
Media set: Weekly Media
Family name: Media created 7/5/2006 11:31:23 AM
When this job begins:  Overwrite media

Eject media after job completes: Yes
Write checksums to media: Yes
Retension media before backup: No
Password protect media: No




Job name: DAILY FULL
Job priority: Highest
Backup set description: DAILY FULL
Backup method for files: FULL - Back Up Files - Reset Archive Bit
Compression type: Hardware [if available, otherwise none]

Verify after backup completes: Yes


Set Remote Agent priority: Normal Priority
Open file backup when Advanced Open File Option is not used:  Never

Enable single instance backup for NTFS volumes: Yes
Back up files and directories by following junction points: No
Back up data in Remote Storage: No

Advanced Open File

Use Advanced Open File Option: Yes

Open file configuration: Automatically select open file technology

Use Intelligent Image Option: No


Exchange server backup method: FULL - Database & Logs (flush committed logs)
Maibox backup method: FULL - Back up messages - Reset archive bit

Enable single instance backup for message attachments: Yes



Include job log with a notification to an e-mail or printer recipient: Yes

Question by:macook
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Expert Comment

ID: 17044198
Dont do full backups.  Do system state backups.  That should take care of your AD, DHCP and DNS for your AD server.  Then for the exchange server, if you dont  already, you need the proper license installed to backup exchange.  If you have the license for backing up exchange, there should be a tab for Exchange.  Just backup system state and then in the exchange tab, select what you want to backup (ie: full database and log files).   For the file severs, just backup the shares and system state.  Also think about archiving data you really dont need access to on a day to day or never but would like it around for just incase.

Backing up what looks like 115 gigs is alot of data over a 10/100 connection.  Manybe you should also look in to gigabit to help speed up the process as I do believe 200mb/min is norm over a 10/100.  Also, are you verifying the data after backup?  That will also be added to the 13+ hours.  So something like half for backing up and half for verifying.

Expert Comment

ID: 17044220
oppps sorry, you already answered most of my questions in your post.  didnt see the more info at first.


Expert Comment

ID: 17044302
If you want a full backup of your system (snap shot), try ghosting.  I know Symantec has something called Live State, but I havent tried it yet to tell you how well it works.

So, to help make your backup times faster.  Do only system state on all your servers and any shares that has user created files, the exchange database and archive any files that are no longer needed.   That should bring the byte count down.
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Author Comment

ID: 17044367
So your recommend not doing full backups on the entire drives of my servers?
For example I check the whole drive and uncheck a few things like the pagefile,temp folder,recycler,etc...

I do have verify the data after backup checked so I will uncheck that and see how much time it saves.

Also I run Mcaffe enterprise 7.0 on all my machines, should I make any changes to it that may speed up performance?

Accepted Solution

x30n earned 2000 total points
ID: 17045099
That is correct.  Do system state. If you look in the System State selection you will notice what it backs up.  Also you will not be able to uncheck anything from it.  Its all or none and all is what you want anyways.  

This is what I would do.

Ghost your server(s) as it is now.

Do system State Backups, any user created files on your network shares and exchange database.

If you apply any windows updates to your servers or install something new to them, ghost them again and continue with system state backups, user created files on your network shares and exchange database.

My reason:

If you have a system crash, more then likley you will need to f-disk and reload the OS anyways.  If you have a ghosted image, you can reload that to your system (bring it to the state it was at when ghosted) and then do the last system state backup for recovery and bring it back up to the last backup time.

I know MS comes out with updates all the time, but if you set up ONE day for all updates to be done and then right after that ghost your server, you would only have to do it once a month.  Though the only down fall is, you would have to do all this during non production hours, or setup maintance time when everone will know your servers will be offline.

Servers I would ghost are:

Backup Exec

I wouldnt ghost your file server unless it is also one of the above as you know sharing a folder isnt mission critical and can be done at any time.  Plus, you can restore all the network share files on to any server until you get the file server back up.

You might also want to run different jobs on the same tape.  Something like run all your system state backups and exchange database on one job and then run your user created files (network shares) on a second job on the same tape.  Just make sure you have append data to tape selected and you are allowed to append data to the tape.

I dont think Mcaffe is slowing much of anything down, unless you have virus check selected on backups.  I wouldnt think you need that selected as Realtime should catch a virus anyways.

Author Comment

ID: 17045314
Thank you very much for expplaining things. I'm going to give this config a try tonight and I'll look into getting the software to ghost the servers. You using Norton or something else?

Expert Comment

ID: 17045374
Remember, this is what I suggest only from what was discribed about your setup.  There might be other things that might not allow this kind of back up.  No time or budget.

I have a hard time wrapping my head around doing a full system recovery from tape when windows is loaded.  I guess I am afraid that something will not update because it is in use or some crazy thing like that and you will have to deal with that.  That is why I like ghost.  It boots your box into dos (no issue with files being open) and restore a image or pull an image.

Expert Comment

ID: 17045424
yes I do.

But you might want to look at their Live State ( and see if that will work for you.  I think they might have moved on from Ghost Corp.

Expert Comment

ID: 17045984
Hi Mike,
- My calculation between data and speed is says that you want to take backup of 108 GB aprox at the speed of 200/m, it should take 11 hour aprox(because speed is not same always). But it takes 13H. I think there is no problem with this backup timing, Check the Backup Log file, I am sure that this backup had been finished within 10-11.5 hours and extra 1.5 hours had been taken by “Verify after backup completes” option.

- You have chosen a option “Verify after backup completes”, This is the main reason. Verification of 108 GB will take 1.5 H aprox, So I think it is ok man. To solve this just remove this option and check.

- Go through the log file it will clear your problem.

- Disabling of Virus check will also increase the speed but I think that is not a good option because then you may get some virus trouble.

- Karan

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