Having trouble with Kerio Mail Server

I have setup a Kerio brand mail server within my domain.

I have established the correct A Records as well as the Reverse PTR DNS Records.  I have also added an SPF Record to the DNS Zone and have tested it to make sure it Passes.

Everything seems to be ok, however when I send ANY test messages to yahoo, they ALL go in to the BULK Folder.

I have checked my server IP on www.mxtoolbox.com, The server is not listed on any of the 143 RBL's

Can someone give me any pointers or things to change possibly?


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Does it work with recipients on another domain (regular company or .edu domains)? I wouldn't rely on yahoo only for proper troubleshooting of this...
1ParkplaceAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response, Yes the server definetly works well with sending to places such as regular companies and such.


Once this server is placed live, it will need to be able to send email to Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, Gmail and such.  Which is why I wanted to see if there is something I am doing wrong, or maybe some Best Practices to follow when establishing a mail server.

Thank you,

OK. Assuming there is a proper MX record in addition to the things you mention, I would think about the contents of the test mails... I've heard about messages being rejected at one site because they had non-US characters in the body or subject (e.g åäö or ā), which, obviously, is a gross maladjustment of the SPAM filter. One wonders about how yahoo goes about this.
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Oh... latvian long "a" doesn't register here... odd, but not important; it was just an example.
1ParkplaceAuthor Commented:
Yea, my test messages are very basic and breif, I attempt to emulate a small conversation that someone may have.

I thought that may be the case as well, so thats why I tried my hardest to avoid the filter, seems every message goes to the bulk.

So, this might be yahoospecific... can you test gmail? Feel free to try my account ricardoextremo (at gmail) if you haven't any other account to try.

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Put the domain in to dnsreport.com and see whether it throws any errors.

The ones you should be worried about are the SMTP banner and reverse DNS. If those aren't set correctly then the message will get flagged.

1ParkplaceAuthor Commented:
RID - I checked it with my Gmail account and it arrived in the inbox properly.

Simon - I checked it with dnsreport.com the other day and everything checked out alright.
This seems to a domain specific issue...

Need to know how is yahoo seeing this email as...

Could we look at some kind of tracing or message header of a message received in yahoo from your mail server?

1ParkplaceAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for your time,

It did end up being Yahoo! Specific.

I awarded points to Sembee for directing me towards finding some other problems using dnsreport.com

I also awarded points to Exchgen for having me look at the headers to diagnose some of my dns problems that was helping yahoo throw away my mail.

I accepted rid's answer since it was a yahoo specific scenario.

Thanks again!

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