how to transfer values in different frames


I am designing frame html pages now. I divided the page into two frames. One is above and one is at the bottom. I want to let the right frame use the field values in left frame. But when I use some kinds of code like: parent.frame1.form1.textfield.value=frame2.form2.textfield2.value. It will give me error like: object required "parent". I changed the "parent" to "top", it still gives me error. Please help me figure out the problem. Thanks.
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vikrant4u2Connect With a Mentor Commented:

try using this

window.frames["frame1"].document.forms["form1"].textfield.value = window.frames["frame2"].document.forms["form2"].textfield.value

actonwangConnect With a Mentor Commented:

     you need to do sth like:

     window.parent.frames["frame1"].document.form1.textfield1.value =  window.parent.frames["frame2"].document.form2.textfield2.value

ly_uwoAuthor Commented:
already solved. still thanks for the suggestion
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