Install Web Interface 4.2 on PS4 server

Hello!  Hope someone has an answer for this one.  
I'm trying to setup a two server farm with one hosting the webinterface.  Every time I try to intall the software, I getting this error "Setup could not detect the correct version of the Access Suite Console on your system".  However, I can open the Access Console w/o a problem.  Doe Webinterface need to be on a seperate server?  Thanks in advance.
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mgcITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You might have installed the Access Suite Console when you installed PS 4.0.  Web Interface 4.0 is actually the version that shipped with that so maybe that is your problem.  WI 4.2 is the latest version and I've never noticed a difference in the version of the ASC, but maybe check that.

Also, you might try just un-installing the ASC (this will not affect your PS 4.0 installation) and then install the WI.
Check this out, similar issue: "With 4.0, the Access Suite is required on the web server before WI can be installed. Installing WI 4.0 does not create any particular sites; you run the Access Suite Console after installation to create one or more sites of your choosing.

If you moved the WI 2.1 site using WIMove, then the upgrade process will not recognize or upgrade the 2.1 site. You may have better luck removing WI 2.1 and then install the ASC and WI 4.0. Once WI 4.0 is installed, you can use the ASC to create a new WI 4.0 site in the same location as your relocated WI 2.1 site.

JayT "
sabwelsAuthor Commented:
Jay T,
This is not a migrating processs.  The ASC was a fresh install but once I attempt to install the webinterface, it errors out.  I get this message when I try on the other server too.  
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