How to I get into my linksys nat router from the outside

Like most, I have a linksys Nat router at home.   I can get into it to configure it at home by the .1 address.    

How can I configure it from the outside so I can test it and configure it from the outside of my home network ?

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naveedbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You will need to enable remote management and know the WAN IP address to configure it from outside. Make sure when you enable remote management, you set the passwords which are difficult to guess.

If your WAN IP address (assigned by ISP) changes very often, then setup something like Dynamic DNS on the router if it supports it.
bitmechanicAuthor Commented:

The system has a static name through dyndns.  

Someone I know was able to hack my router but could not hack my firewalled linux box behind the router.  I do have a password on the router now to make it harder for others to hack.

bitmechanicAuthor Commented:
Sorry I doubted you.  

You were on 110%


I put a strong password in.  
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