Messages keep saying "WARNING: MESSAGE ENCRYPTED"

Hello, I am using Outlook XP on a Windows XP workstation.  A lot of my emails now, both internal and external are being displayed with the following message in my inbox:  WARNING: MESSAGE ENCRYPTED.

Can anyone tell me what this is from and how to get rid of it?

Many thanks!
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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Greetings, jfexchange !

This typically indicates your Norton or Symantec anti-virus program is scanning incoming or outgoing email messages, or both, and is blocking you from receiving or sending mail over a secure (encrypted) connection to CalMail. If you are encountering this issue, you may need to turn off this scanning in order to successfully send and receive email. As an alternative, if you wish to leave email scanning turned on in your anti-virus program - perhaps for an added measure of protection when checking or sending email on a non-CalMail email service - you may need to change the port numbers your email program uses when connecting securely to CalMail. See below for instructions regarding this.


Best wishes!
jfexchangeAuthor Commented:
That sounds logical, I thought it might be Symantec, but I don't think this issue has anything to do with CalMail?  I am located in NY and the correspondence is all local.  I will check the Symantec settings today.  Thanks!
David LeeCommented:
Hi jfexchange,

Any chance the messages are actually encrypted?  Are you using PGP on your system?

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Thanks, war1
jfexchangeAuthor Commented:
We are not using PGP on this system, I don't think all of these messages are actually encrypted tough I am not sure how to check in outlook?  I found out there was a recent crash of the Symantec server so this may explain why some of the settings regarding encryption started to no function properly.  I am waiting for the rebuild to complete and then will check those client settings and update the case if the issue is resolved.   Thanks for  your help
David LeeCommented:
> I am not sure how to check in outlook
Right-click a message and select Options.  Look at the top right of the "Message Options" dialog-box under "Security".  
David LeeCommented:
Any update, jfexchange?
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