Cisco ATA and Polycom Conf Phone

I have a Polycom Soundstation EX plugged into a Cisco ATA-188 which is connected to a Cisco CallManager system.  I can get the calls to work as long as I dial the digits in rapid succession on the Polycom unit. If I dial the numbers too slowly, it times out and I receive an error message.  I tried the same thing using a regular analog phone instead of the Polycom phone and it works fine whether entering the digits fast or slow.  Has anyone run into this problem before with Polycom conference phones and Cisco ATA's?
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Vinod_VijayanVinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check the inter-digit timeout settings of the phone and increase it.
ss_pConnect With a Mentor Commented:
interdigit timeout by default is zero

try to set a value between 1 - 9

and give a try

AManouxAuthor Commented:
I can't seem to find how to change this value on Polycom's Support website.  Can someone tell me how?
AManouxAuthor Commented:
I got a hold of Polycom Tech Support on the phone.  They told me that there is no way to adjust the interdigit timeout value on that unit.  :(
AManouxAuthor Commented:
I figured out what the issue was.  The conference phone was picking up the tones generated out of its own speaker.  If I hit the mute button on the phone before dialing, the call worked without any problem.  :)
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