WRT54G/WRV54G Keeps Restarting

Hello Experts,

I'm currently using WRV54G and it keeps restarting every few minutes. It works fine mostly and doesn't restart that often but when I'm downloading large files or use BitTorrent, the router keeps restarting every few mins.  I'm thinking that's the problem because same thing happened when I was using WRT54G untill 2 weeks ago. The firmware is up-to-date. The modem is fine. The power is fine (connected to UPS).
 Anyone knows how to resolve this issue?

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Unplug all the LAN Cables from the router and start it.
if it still having the problem of restarting then as NTtechGuy said update the frimware or ask fro the warrenty


You need to HARD RESET your router:  http://www.hyperwrt.org/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=5458

Then, update to the latest linksys approved firmware for your exact model (WRT54GSv2, v3, etc... it makes a difference)

Then, to fully realize the router's potential, use open source firmware.  Adds SO MANY features, including the ability to increase your wireless signal.



Kuljeet912Author Commented:
Hey Guys Thanks...  But I'm already running DD-WRT on WRT54G... I thought that's what screwed everything up that's why I switched to WRV54G.. with latests Linksys Router... but I'm pretty sure Torrents is what's causing the problem.
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If you have the latest firmware from the net for this router, and you have already flashed the router, then read on, otherwise do that first, as there is problems with the original firmware.

Once the latest is installed, now start to control bit torrent, go into the router setup and forware the bit torrent ports to only ONE static IP -- that is the system where you want to get the bit torrent feed.

You will need to assign that computer a static IP outside the used range of DHCP, and give it the right router gateway and two DNS servers on the internet, before it works. Say it is

Now go into your router setup, and find the gaming or port forwarding config screen and forward ports
6881 (start) to 6889 (end) using both UDP and TCP to the IP address of the BT system.

Save the router config, reboot the router and the PC, now the router will not be flooded by the BT stream.

I know why Mr. Kuljeet912 and welcome to the club of frustration.

Linksys dumped their #1 selling Linux based WRT54G routers when they started making version 5 and 6... and the TOTALLY SUCK!  They moved to the super buggy VxWorks and dumbed down the power.  Result?  A peice of CR@P router that can't do much.   It just can't handle many connections.

Here is another opinion...
Kuljeet912Author Commented:
Hi Guys,

Last night I tried what r_naren22 had suggested.... I unplugged all the LAN cables... Restarted the router and then plugged back the cables....
Surprisingly it hasn't crashed yet... I left everything on over night... and everything worked fine... ofcourse it is too soon to give out the final verdict id have to wait a day more atleast to see it's working fine.
Any idea why this is working so far, r_naren22?

If this doesn't work I'll have to try scratchboy's approach. Or maybe somebody will leave another suggestion.
Hi Kuljeet912,

The issue is some of the workstations would be using the static ip address from the DHCP range.
other is one of the computer is effected by the Spamware that will spoof the network packets, these packets will cause the router to restart when doing NAT.

I expect that one of the workstation which still is faulty is turned OFF or
the currently there is no clash with the IP addresses

Kuljeet912Author Commented:

I haven't had any problems yet.... aparently what you suggested worked. But currently there are only 3 machines connected to the router. 2 Laptops (wi-fi) and 1 desktop.  There is another machine that is usually connected but it hasn't been turned on for the past few days. As it's been running Vista Beta. Well I will be installing back Win Server 2003 on it and I shall remember to give it a static ip outside the DHCP range this time. :)
Thanks alot though. This issue had been frustrating me for weeks!

since my solution solved the problem, can you explain why my solution got only 10% of the "answer" awarded to it?  I think you made a serious error here in awarding the "right" answer, didnt you?
Kuljeet912Author Commented:
Scratchyboy... I hadn't gotten to your solution yet. Naren's solution worked out for me and your's was the next thing I was going to try.
I only gave you credit without trying your solution is because I had done something similar earlier and it helped and I thought it may help someone who's having a similar problem to try your solution.
That's why you get the "Assited Answer":)
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