Newly Created Users do not have email addresses Although they have mailbox in Exchange 2000

When I create new users, they have no email addresses.  But I can delete and recreate their mailboxes, but still do not have addresses.  If I manually put in the addresses, it doesn't help.  The usere is not able to log into the mailbox.  I have deleted the users and recreated them, and I have restarted the servers.  I have tried forcing the default policy them with no luck.  Please advise.
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The problem you are facing is with a service called Recipient Update Service.

This is responsible for Stamping users with the required attributes to make them mail enabled.

Check few articles listed below;

How to troubleshoot the Recipient Update Service by using the Application log in Exchange 2000 Server or in Exchange Server 2003

Troubleshooting the Recipient Update Service in Exchange Server 2003 and Exchange 2000 Server

Give us specific errors from application logs to provide detailed outputs.

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