SAP R3 Database Schema

Hi guys,

Any chance that someone can provide me with the SAP R3 Database Schema?

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jonvaughanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
SAP do not publish the Scheama. The reason being that they keep changing it. This is one of the major problems with direct DB access.

The accepted method of doing what you are doing is to drive it at the application level. SAP best practice is to never access the tables directly from outside of the application layer. I would be very surprised if a solution that did that would get SAP Certification, however these days you can never be sure.

The accepted modal for what you are doing is to use one of the SAP connectors  if you have an OSS logon or for example the Java connector.

there are also connectors for .NET.

You then use these to call Function Modules in SAP.
If the data you are looking for is standard kind of data you may find that there are pre-build RFCs called BAPIs which already fullfil your needs, if not you will need to write some in ABAP.

In the newer versions of SAP you can write WebSerivces to expose data from SAP in Java.

As for "I do know this much though, SAP runs on Oracle database" this is far from the truth.
SAP Can run on any of the major DBs from Oracle to ADABAS to DB2, to MySQL, SAP uses a level of abstraction from the DB to allow programs written in ABAP and Java in SAP to run on any of the supported databases. SAP even uses its own version of SQL "Open SQL" which the applicaiton layer convert to the native SQL of the installed DB.

The database is not fully normailised and the relationships are managed at the applicaiton level in the SAP Data Dictionary.

In the mean time here is a list of some one the device tables.

TSP01                          Spool Requests                            
TSP01P                         Spool: Part Table of a Spool Request      
TSP02                          Spool: Print requests                    
TSP02A                         Dynamic Attributes for Spool Requests and
TSP02F                         List of frontend printing to be executed  
TSP02FX                        List of Front-End Printing to Be Printed (
TSP02L                         Spool: List parameters for spool and print
TSP02T                         Spool: Output Requests Waiting to Be Activ
TSP02W                         Spool: Output Requests Waiting for Process
TSP03                          Spool: Printer declaration                
TSP03A                         Spool: Device description (new format)    
TSP03C                         Spool: Device Description Extension      
TSP03D                         Spool: Device Description (New Format)    
TSP03L                         Spool: Long device names                  
TSP03T                         Paper format in the device paper tray    
TSP04                          Spool: Access to paper types              
TSP05                          Spool: Protection rules                  
TSP06                          Spool: Sequences for handling paper      
TSP06A                         Spool: Implemented format type of a device
TSP06T                         Text table: Title texts for print formats
TSP07                          Spool: Paper used by the printer          
TSP08                          Spool: Paper formats                      
TSP09                          Spool: Printer drivers                    
TSP0A                          Spool: Device types                      
TSP0C                          Spool: Change Log                        
TSP0E                          Data for optical archiving                
TSP0F                          Archive device for archive ID            
TSP0G                          Spool: Number ranges                      
TSP0H                          Printer pools                            
TSP0I                          Assignment of printers to terminals (room
TSP0K                          Print commands for host spooler (link type
TSP0L                          Spool events                              
TSP0N                          Graphical object                          
TSP0P                          Resources for formatting                  
TSP0Q                          Derivation resource                      
TSP0R                          Paper in the paper trays on the device    
TSP0S                          Name Conventions For Spool Request Authori
TSP0T                          Assignment of local printer type to termin
TSP0U                          Additional Information for Saved Data Tran
TSP1D                          Spool: Format                            
TSP1T                          Spool: Long Text for Format              
TSP2D                          Spool: Formats in a paper family/form    
TSP2T                          Spool: Paper family (form)                
TSP3T                          Spool: Command to prepare the printer for
TSP4D                          Spool: Check table for print control      
TSP4T                          Spool: Explanation of the Print Controls  
TSP5D                          LPQ formats (host spool system)          
TSP5T                          Text for LPQ format from the spooler      
TSP6D                          Type of connection to format program      
TSP6T                          Text Table: Printer Access Method        
TSP7D                          With or without cover sheet?              
TSP7S                          With or without cover sheet?              
TSP7T                          With or without cover sheet?              
TSP8D                          Graphical object                          
TSP8T                          Description of graphical objects          
TSP9D                          Resource                                  
TSP9T                          Resource                                  
TSPA                           Organizational Unit: Sales Divisions      
TSPAT                          Organizational Unit: Sales Divisions: Text
TSPCMDS                        Command Line Model for LOMS                
TSPCONV                        External converter                        
TSPDD                          Table, Old SAP Version                    
TSPDD2                         Table, Old SAP Version                    
TSPDDCH                        TSPDD Changes                              
TSPDEVCF                       Reconfiguration Table for OMS Devices      
TSPEVDEV                       OMS Events for Devices                    
TSPEVJOB                       OMS Events for Print Requests              
TSPG0                          Display profile for sequencing            
TSPG0T                         Text table - display profile              
TSPG1                          Display profile for orders                
TSPG2                          Order characteristic                      
TSPG3                          Relationship between order profile and cha
TSPG4                          Relationship between charact. values, colo
TSPI0                          Initial profile for sequencing            
TSPJSTAT                       Statistical data for output requests      
TSPLOMS                        Logical Output Management Systems for Acce
TSPOL                          Text Descriptions for LIFO Pools          
TSPOPTIONS                     Spool Options    
TSPP0                          Planning profile for sequencing          
TSPP0T                         Text table - planning profile sequencing  
TSPP1                          Processing profile for sequencing        
TSPPF_PRPR_001                 Print profiles                            
TSPPF_PRPR_001T                Name of Print Profile                    
TSPPF_PRPR_002                 Print Profile Data                        
TSPQSTAT                       Statistical data about print queues      
TSPRF                          Standard Values for Performance Monitoring
TSPRIM                         Table Search: Fields for Access to Primary
TSPRIMOBJ                      Table Search: Encoding of Search Object  
TSPRIMSEL                      Table Search : Encoding of Ordinary Table
TSPRMGCF                       Reconfiguration Table for OMS Callback Gro
TSPROMS                        Real Output Management Systems for Access
TSPSV                          Spool: Server table                      
TSPSVI                         Spool: Server Information (Updated by Spoo
TSPUSROPT                      Spool: User-specific settings            
TSPUSRSEL                      Spool: User-Specific Settings            


Not sure what your purpose is, however let me tell you, SAP R/3 Database has 13,000+ tables that come along with the installation.

do you want to know about the Architecture of SAP ?
Cyber-DrugsAuthor Commented:

Basically we develop integration systems for our software, which allow us to basically connect to other applications for additional data/information.

Currently we make an automated script which re-structures SAP Data Dumps into what we want, but now we want to be able to go straight into SAP and get what we want.

If it at all helps, I only need the structure of the tables which are related to Device Management. I'm not sure what it's called in SAP, but the data we get given is information such as Hardware Devices installed/removed/changed, Port and Connectivity Configurations, etc.

Free Tool: Subnet Calculator

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One of a set of tools we're offering as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.


Its a bit complex request. Frankly i am not aware of any such resource/book which describes the entire DB Structure of SAP.

Cyber-DrugsAuthor Commented:

We don't actually have a copy of the application in our office, and have been working blind developing these integration tools for SAP and our products. I do know this much though, SAP runs on Oracle database, and if it's anything like MS SQL (from what i've heard, it's better), you should be able to be able to make a database diagram of the Equipment/Device table, and all related tables which are JOIN'ed to it.

If someone could make something like that up for me, it would solve my question.

You may want to have a look here.

For most companies SAP Certification is essential for any product that integrates with SAP. Without it companies are putting their support agreements at risk.
Cyber-DrugsAuthor Commented:

Lucky for us, the people we are making the solution for have the maintenance rights to SAP, and since the solution is for them, creating it will be legal.

But from what you've told me, it looks like I need to look into the .NET connectors, and go from there.

Thanks for the very detailed reply, it was highly appreciated!

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