SMTP addrseses mysteriously changing

Have had a couple tickets in the past few days with users accounts that have been in the org. for many years and their smtp addresss have changed from per say .gov to .gob.

We want to make sure this is not being dont intentionaly by someone with access.  Is there anyway to granularly log changes made to the exchange objects?  We can look at the object modify date but is there anyway to find out which account modified the object?

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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The only way is to turn up auditing. You will probably have to do it on the domain. It will generate an awful amount of logs.
I haven't heard of this happening to Exchange before, so as long as the recipient policy is correct I would suspect that this is a human change. Change the password on your administrator account so that no one can hide behind it. Don't give it to anyone and see if the changes stop.

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