Need this div tag

on top you have quick links.

I want a similar ability to show list of all of my products when some one takes mouse over or clicks.

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ThijsSConnect With a Mentor Commented:

      function findPos(obj)
            var curleft = curtop = 0;
            if (obj.offsetParent)
                  curleft = obj.offsetLeft
                  curtop = obj.offsetTop
                  while (obj = obj.offsetParent)
                        curleft += obj.offsetLeft
                        curtop += obj.offsetTop
            return [curleft,curtop];
      function HideDiv(e)
            var TheDivToBeRemoved = document.getElementById("RemoveMe");
      function ShowDiv()
                  var TheDiv = document.createElement("DIV");
                  var TheLink = document.getElementById("TheLink");
                  TheDiv.innerHTML = "<p>Anything You want!</p>"
         = "RemoveMe";
         = "2px solid gray";
         = "white";
         = "absolute";
         = findPos(TheLink)[0] + "px";
         = findPos(TheLink)[1] + "px";
         = "100px";
         = "200px";
                  TheDiv.onmouseleave = HideDiv;



<a id="TheLink" onMouseOver="ShowDiv();" href="somewhere">Quick Links</a>



The popup-div is fully custumizable in the "ShowDiv" function.
To get a nice layout within the DIV, you might want to use a table.

TheDiv.innerHTML = "<table><tr><td>Product 1</td><td>Product 2</td></tr><tr><td>Product 3</td><td>Product 4</td></tr></table>";
tgatifAuthor Commented:
sumthing else
tgatifAuthor Commented:
still not this. something exact similar to what ms has.
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