Best way to share a personal address book in Lotus Notes 6.5

I have an admin who wants to start maintaining her VP's personal address book for him.  My question is what is the best way to go about sharing his personal address book.

I was thinking to create a new replica on the server vs on his local machine, then do the same for her machine and set it up to replicate on a consistent basis.  But, I didnt know if there was an easier way aside from this where you maybe share the actual names.nsf file.   My concern is that either party will be making changes to the database, and they will definately need to see the changes asap.  Also, my VP will need to access his personal address book locally on his machine as well - so if the best way is to replicate up to the server, do i then take that new replica and make an additional one for him for his local machine ?

I need a real lotus notes guru help !!!
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rvthostConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You're pretty close to what we do.  On the VP, we create a new replica on one of the Domino servers.  He continues to access his local copy (names.nsf) but is now replicating both ways.  The asst would then create a local replica from the server replica, call it VPLastName_names.nsf.  She is now replicating both ways.  The asst can then add VPLastName_names.nsf as a local address book in her client preferences and use the VP's personal addresses to send communications.  Obviously, any changes made from either the VP and Asst will be reflected accordingly, however often you setup the replication schedule.  Hope this helps!
brwwigginsConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
I agree, replicating to the server is really the best way to go but with a twist. This is what we do.

Replicate the address book from the VP to the server. Then have the admin just work directly off the server. Unless the connection is slow there is no need to have the admin replicate if they do not travel

Setup the VP to replicate on a schedule and train them (i know they never listen) that if they need to see something immediately they can force a replication.
brwwiggins is correct - that is certainly another option.

The reason we do create a local replica on the admin's pc instead of accessing the server direct is so that she can use it as her own address book.  In her client, File - Preferences - User Preferences - Mail:  Then we would add "C:\lotus\notes\data\VPLastName_names.nsf" in the Local Address Book field.  Then when she generates a new memo, the VP's address book will be a drop down option.  It will also read the address by just typing the name in the TO: field (type ahead).  
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brwwigginsIT ManagerCommented:
Good point our case we wanted to keep them separate but you are correct to replicate it if the admin wants to use the contacts.

Just going to be an organizational preference at that point.
Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
Might be wrong here but i pretty sure I've seen someone before with teh syntax server!!addrbook\vpnames.nsf type syntax in names= line in notes.ini to directly use an address book on the server in your address dialog...
Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
dmccormi35Author Commented:
Thanks everyone - the first suggestion worked great since the Admin had her own personal address book she needs to keep seperate.
Good to hear, and thanks for the points!
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