Other users see each others printers, printer list is huge


I am a novice with Citrix learning more everyday.
I have two sites on two different domains that connect to the same Citrix server.
Both sites are on different domains and when they login they can see each others printers.
We are dealing with 70 users seeing each others printers. I am using metaframe presentation server 4.0 on server 2003 standard. I have read as many related posts I can find. I have checked and verifed that the users are not in any kind of group giving them admin rights. They all are in the domain users groups only. Currently we enabled the printer auto creation.
I would like a way that one site cannot see another sites  printers. Any suggestions would be apprciated.

Thank you
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Also check any locally defined printers (local TCP/IP ports) and make sure that they are locked down to the appropriate users; if you have imported a network print server this will populate printers with loosely defined ACLs too.  
did you check local admin groups as well?  Maybe the 'everyone' group is in the Administrators group on the citrix server itself.  Generally this is the reason why everyone can see all of the printers?
TerraKeithAuthor Commented:

I have checked the local admin group on the server.
I have found that domain users are in this group.
I am hoping that removing that will prevent the users from seeing the other printers.
I will test this tonight and ask for more assistance if needed.


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