OWA from Outside

Exchange 2003.  OWA works from inside just fine.  
Ports open on firewall, translation set.  

From outside when I browse to (external address)
It redirects to http://mail.domain.com/exchange properly, but the site says page not found.

two questions.  What's wrong, and is there any way to not show the servers name in the address bar?  Thanks in advance,

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mikeleebrlaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

well. do you have a PUBLIC DNS record for mail.domain.com?
if not i think what is happening is that then you are accessing it via IP, you are hitting the server and you have a redirect rule that adds the 'exchange' part by redirecting you to mail.domian.com/exchange.  BUT if there isn't a PUBLIC dns record for mail.domain.com, then the client doesn't 'know' how to find mail.exchange.com

from a machine outside of your lan, open a command window and type in nslookup mail.domain.com and it should resolve to your mail server's public IP

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