Cisco 6509: slow network applications

I have a Catalyst 6509 running IOS 12.2 that seems to be causing issues with some network applications.  Such as Exchange, Excel spread sheets, some Intranet applications.  The networks are Vlan'ed off, and it seems that most of the performance issues are on the Main Office Vlan.  

 I have setup SolarWinds Network performance monitor and found a few ports that were taking some input, CRC, and collision errors due to some speed/duplex configuration issues.  Most of those errors have been cleared up, however application performance is still bad.  

CPU has never exceeded 3%
Memory is always at 32.52MB
Availability is 100%
Packet Loss is 0%
Response time is from 181-114ms

All the buffers look are showing zeros except for the VeryBig Buffer that has shown 286 misses and 572 trims.  The IPC buffer is showing 117 fallbacks and 3057 trims.  However these maybe older numbers since the time stamps for the peaks are from weeks ago.  I dont really see any loops on the network, ie no huge inputs, drops, or duplicate log errors.

I have been watching the performance monitor and logs for days and nothing else seems to be jumping out.

Thanks in advance.
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Solarwinds - GOOD! Did you get the Engineer's toolkit with the Solarwinds package? If yes, run the DNS Audit. If not, download the 30 day eval of the kit and run this tool against your dns server. You may be surprised at the results.
If you've cleaned up all the potential duplex mismatches and CPU/memory is not a problem, then you look at DNS issues, and any other netlogon or other errors in the server event logs.
If you've isolated most of the problems to one VLAN, what's different about this one? Even the slightest detail could be a clue. Where are the DNS servers and DC's in relation to this VLAN? Same vlan or a different one?
Could also be a NIC driver issue on the server. have you updated the driver recently? Perhaps you need to update or roll back to a previous version?
I really doubt, based on what you've posted, that it's your network gear.  It sounds like a duplex mismatch, as you've said.  Is it one user or multiple users?  Going to one server or multiple?

Your response time is pretty high for a LAN - is it internal to your LAN or flowing across WAN links?
nakoz69Author Commented:
The reponse times I posted are from a WAN link to the 6509.  I have checked all the duplex settings on all of the currently connected network devices and only 1 really stands out, its a little 10mb/half duplex switch that needs to be replaced.  I fixed all the other errored ports but for some reason, wether or not I force the settings or set it for auto it still gives me errors.  I think it maybe a layer 1 issue with the cable itself, but I wont know until I replaced the switch.  

Yes I did get the EE for solarwinds.  I ran the DNS audit as you suggested but I didnt see anything out of the ordinary.  A few IP address where showing up with multiple IPs, possibly due to dual nics.  It looks as if most of the problems are with the single main office vlan.  I checked the VLAN configs and they are all the same.  The DCs and DNS servers are on another VLAN but they are on the same 6509.  I havent had a chance to check the NIC drivers, but if all else fails I will update them.

Any more suggestions?

Thanks again
I addition to the duplex and DNS issues, I would verify that all ports are connecting at the highest speed possible.  

It is amazing how slow 10 Mbps is, even if both side are full duplex.  You may also want to get a better definition of "slow" and what they are doing.  

When you say "Response time is from 181-114ms"  could you be a bit more clear.  I am assuming pings, but pings from where and to where?
Did you reslove you problem?  What was it?
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