HI Experts,

My new harddisk has some clicking sound after around one week after i bought it. It just suddenly hang the machine that day. Right afterthat, I am not able to boot up the machine if the harddisk is installed.

I realized that the harddisk is not able to start up. Whenever it approaching it's maximum turning speed, it's start to have clicking sound and hang the whole machine.

I would want to find a way to recover around 50G of data in the harddisk.

Advise please.
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jamietonerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Unfortunatly if it has failed far enough to cause the system to lock recovery software isnt going to help. you're looking at sending the drive to a data recovery center like drivesavers or ontrack (there are many others).
wzmAuthor Commented:
So the next question would be:
Where can I find a Data Recovery Center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Either in Kuala Lumpur or Cyberjaya will do.
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To Recover files

To repair hard disk



new drive clicking = bad drive
after recovering what you can, take it back & have the store replace it.
Do you have a spare PC where you can hook the problematic drive up as a slave.
If it don't hang your other systems and try to backup your data.
If you are unable to access the data.

Download getdataback trial from  www.runtime.org and install into that spare pc and then run and check if it can detect the harddrive to do recovery.
You may need to purchase the software in order to do full recovery.

Make sure you have at least enough space in your other system to recover to.
Sounds weird, but sometimes freezing the drive in a ziplock baggie, may give you enough time to get the some data off.  But hopefully if its only a week old it doesn't even need to come to that.  RMA the drive for a replacement.
hi, there

can the drive spinup at all now ?.
If the drive can still spinup there is a chance of recoverying the data.

www.partitionsupport.com has a free utility you can try....

That clicking noise you are hearing is commonly refered to as the click of death.

Click of Death - when a hard disk has a hard error or servo failure, the head actuator will buzz and click as the drive tries to recover from the error. Since the media is not removable on these drives, the defect is almost always due to physical abuse or a manufacturing error.
as per wikipedia.org

now in this situation there arn't many things you can do to get your data back, however I've had mixed success with the freezing technique, wrap your HD is a ziplock bag and place is the freezer for 15min to half an hour the change in temp will cause some of the components in the HD to contract which will sometimes allow the HD to read data for a short time. after which it usually goes back to normal.

I know is sounds strange, but i wouldn't have said it here unless i had tried it and it had worked.

anyway, hope this works out for you.
some freez-it eletronic spray also works, in case you have a can handy.  Just watch out for condensation.

HDD+water = bad :P....

clicking is always a hardware issue, no software will be able to circumevent a dead servo or the head ramming into a platter.
Everyone who mentioned freezing is corret. I just had the same issue with a hard drive. It wouldn't boot on its own. It would take the system 1 1/2 hours to boot with it as a slave and it was still inaccessible. I put it in the freezer for 1 hour and used GetDataBack free trial just like imacqouf said. (Other recovery software did not work). It ran for several hours and when I saw that it found my data I purchased a key online from www.runtime.org installed it and got "all" of my data back.
Ryan_RIT Systems AdministratorCommented:
i once heard a rumour from a pc mag that if you put the HDD in an airtight plastic bag and put it into the freezer overnight. Never tried this myself and i don't blame anyone who feels the same way. If you do it it's only supposed to work for a little bit so back it up.

I wouldn't use this method unless you are going to throw it out anyway
Ryan_RIT Systems AdministratorCommented:
if it's new as i had just noticed i would take it back and get a refund
ryan, i already mentioned your last comment, however, i would like to hear back from wzm
I had an older hvd scsi drive that i would have to slam the drive a couple of times on the desk to get it to start spinning again... er definetly not a reccomended! :)
Ryan_RIT Systems AdministratorCommented:
wow, i never expected to find anyone who aggreed with chucking the HDD in the freezer.    ;-)
sorry for repetition
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