Access 97 and Crystal Reports 4.6 fails when used in a Visual basic 5.0 Service pack 3 application

I have an application written in Visual basic 5.0 service pack 3. This application writes data into an Access 97 database and then invokes a Crystal Report 4.6.1 version (The version that comes with VB5).

The .exe is in a server folder . When you execute the application, from  a PC it runs well . From other PC the report don't show some registers of data, the sums and totals are consistent with the data in the report, but not with the real total that includes those lost registers.

The access 97 database has all the records in the PC that fails to bring the right answer.
If you invoke the Crystal Reports program, open the report and see the preview, it shows all the registers of data as in the Access 97 database, but if you invoke the application, it shows less registers in the same report.

I have run the application setup procedure to install the application in both computers and both have Windows XP Pro.

What can I do to solve this problem?

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ee_ai_constructConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ee ai construct, community support moderator
Hi japerez2004,

Check the versions of msjet40.dll on each machine.

japerez2004Author Commented:
I have more information now.

PC #1: The pc where the application runs fine.
PC #2: The pc where the application fails.

The MSJET40.dll is 4.0.8618.0 in pc #2  and 4.0.6218.0 in pc #1.

The VB5 service pack 3 application is using the DAO2535 compatibility layer.
Both pc has DAO3.51 version 3.51.1608.0
The database used is Access 97 in the application
The Crystal Reports version is in both pc
The Crystal Control used by the application is Crystl32.ocx version in both pcs.
Access 2003 in spanish version 11.5614.5606 in pc #2 and Access 2003 in english version 11.5614.5606 in pc #1

I tried to recompile the application in pc #2, but the behavior is the same.
I tried to use MSJET40.dll in pc #2 from pc #1 unregistering the pc #2 version and registering the pc #1 version, but nothing happens again.

Also, I configured Cristal reports to don't use indexes but the problem continues.
The ocx has version 8 due to a product called Seagate Analysis installed in the pc #2. I don't know why pc #1 has it.

help please!
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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:

peter57r, might be able to provide more information on this...

But here is my theory.

Running, Access 97, VB5.0 and Crystal Reports 4.6.1, on a WinXP machine *might* be the best thing to try.

Win XP was designed to run with Office XP. (Access 97 was 2 versions "Old" at that time.)

Access 97 was around at the time of Win95 and Win9x.

I personally only rely on compatibility going back 2 versions.

Because subsequent versions of Windows include updates to things that have to do with other, newer products. Your combination of products may not be fully supported by the most current version of Windows.

Let's take DAO for instance. In Acc97, it was the default (I believe). In Acc2000, Microsoft wanted people to move to ADO. In Office XP and 2003,ADO is installed by default,  DAO is included for backward compatibility only. I don't even know if Microsoft issues updates for DAO anymore.

Let's also look at Crystal Reports. When V4 was created, Crystal Reports was owned by Seagate. Now it is own by a company called Business Objects. I'm pretty sure C.R. won't "officially" support versions older than 9.0 (Current version is 11)

Finally let's look at VB. Even on my Win 2000 box, I get updates relating to .NET, not VB. On my VB6.0 install disk, I see no file date later than 10/19/1998. and that's for VB6.0! I don't even recall when VB 5 was popular. So that makes VB5 at least 10 years old.

What I am trying to say is that you are slowly "aging out" of support for your older apps.

I would not really try playing any tricks with registering/Unregistering controls, as this may cause problems with you current Apps.

peter57r, to you have anything to Add/Correct/Clarify on this matter?
I can't add anything useful now.  The poster might be one of a very small population with this config so there is no experience to draw upon and anything one says is just a guess (based on other experience ).
The main thing to check is the list of references - I can't recall the menu structure for VB5 but I guess it was still Tools>References - and for each reference look at the versions on each machine and make sure that the problem machine is brought into line with the OK machine, if necessary.
Unless you have ensured that both machines are running the same software there is no point in looking for other reasons.

japerez2004Author Commented:
I am trying to detect differences in the 2 machines: The one that runs and the one that not. Until now,I didn't find anything.

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