How Do I duplicate this "Web 2.0" style banner?

I want to make a banner similar to this:

I want to know how they make those diagonal fading lines.

If someone could provide me with a short tutorial on how to do this, I would appreciate it.

Of course, I am wanting to learn how to make it blank (just the blue and fading lines ) then I could add my own clip images on top.

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TheRookie32Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Follow the tut at:

Then add a mask to the layer that has the lines, Apply a black to white gradient to the mask and the lines will become faded...
If you need smaller diagnol lines, you can create a 4x4 pixel image and put a dot going from corner to corner on it.  Select all, define a pattern.  Then on your canvas fill it with whatever color you want it to be, click the layers pallete and select pattern overlay and put your new pattern over it.  Then follow my steps with the mask above it.

let me knwo if this works...
edvinsonAuthor Commented:
I am trying... and this is not working.

I tried this tutorial:

Can you get this to work with the colors in my above link?

At the end of the tute, I am left with a blank canvas! I am following step by step ( I think ).
Before you start doing anything, create a new layer and work on that layer.

Did you try my steps in my post at 9:47am?
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