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Partial sync between Outlook and palmOne Tungsten E2

Microsoft Outlook 2003 (11.8010.6568) SP2
palmOne HotSync Manager 6.0.1

palmOne Tungsten E2

Description of issues:

Currently, out of the four main data categories (Contacts, Tasks, Notes and Calendar), Contacts is the only category that is successfully synchronizing with Outlook (see HotSync log below).

There is data on the handheld (i.e., Tasks, Notes and Calendars) that hasn't been manually replicated into Outlook, so I'm hesitant to even do a soft reset.


Backup current data in both handheld and Outlook

Create a new profile in Outlook
HotSync w/ new profile choosing 'Handheld overwrites Desktop' option
All data currently only in handheld would now reside in Outlook (new profile)

Perform a hard reset on Tungsten E2
HotSync w/ original profile choosing 'Desktop overwrites handheld' option
All original data would now reside in handheld

Delete original profile
HotSync w/ new profile choosing 'Synchronize the files' option

The questions to the experts are:
"Will this work?"
"If so, how do you create additional profiles?"
"Are there any dangers (i.e., data loss) using this method?" and
"Are there easier methods to accomplish the synchronization of all data given the above circumstances?"

HotSync log:

HotSync operation started for M Griffin, M.D. on 07/06/06 23:52:25

Expense - sync configured to Do Nothing
- Installed file: SGuide.PRC to Expansion Card.
OK Quick Install
Mobile MerckMedicus Version 3.21 Build 42
Palm Version: 3.2
problem writing resource
Unbound complete
OK Mobile MerckMedicus with 1 message(s)

Adobe Reader -
OK Note Pad
Outlook Contacts
- Fast Sync
OK Outlook Contacts
Outlook Tasks
- Recovery Sync
Outlook Tasks synchronization failed

Outlook Notes
- Recovery Sync
Outlook Notes synchronization failed

Outlook Calendar
- Recovery Sync
Outlook Calendar synchronization failed

OK Media
WeightWatchers.com - conduit configured to Do Nothing.
-- Backing up BackgroundThumb-Fave to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\BackgroundThumb-Fave.PDB
-- Backing up Background-Fave to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\Background-Fave.PDB
-- Backing up wHModuleInfo-PYsc to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\wHModuleInfo-PYsc.PDB
-- Backing up wHDiagnosesClass-PYsc to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\wHDiagnosesClass-PYsc.PDB
-- Backing up wHDiagnosisMono-PYsc to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\wHDiagnosisMono-PYsc.PDB
-- Backing up wHDiagnoses-PYsc to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\wHDiagnoses-PYsc.PDB
-- Backing up wHDiagPearlPool-PYsc to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\wHDiagPearlPool-PYsc.PDB
-- Backing up wHMisc-PYsc to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\wHMisc-PYsc.PDB
-- Backing up wHStringPool-PYsc to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\wHStringPool-PYsc.PDB
-- Backing up wHStandardTx-PYsc to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\wHStandardTx-PYsc.PDB
-- Backing up wHTxPearlPool-PYsc to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\wHTxPearlPool-PYsc.PDB
-- Backing up CICUserDict to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\CICUserDict.PRC
-- Backing up p1Per_StateDB to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\p1Per_StateDB.PDB
-- Backing up set_Mmmo to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\set_Mmmo.PDB
-- Backing up cogRES_Mmmo to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\cogRES_Mmmo.PDB
-- Backing up Rx-IntlPrefs-nc-2 to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\Rx-IntlPrefs-nc-2.PDB
-- Backing up p1Per_SkinDB to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\p1Per_SkinDB.PDB
-- Backing up AmgenGFR to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\AmgenGFR.PRC
-- Backing up AutoUpdate to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\AutoUpdate.PRC
-- Backing up BackupMan to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\BackupMan.PRC
-- Backing up ePocratesDrip to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\ePocratesDrip.PRC
-- Backing up TempConv to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\TempConv.PRC
-- Backing up OnBoardAU to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\OnBoardAU.PRC
-- Backing up Psychiatry to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\Psychiatry.PRC
-- Backing up STAT_Cholesterol to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\STAT_Cholesterol.PRC
-- Backing up HTN_QuickRef to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\HTN_QuickRef.PRC
-- Backing up Novolog to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\Novolog.PRC
-- Backing up epTutorial to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\epTutorial.PRC
-- Backing up CME to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\CME.PRC
-- Backing up ePocrates to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\ePocrates.PRC
-- Backing up Package Installer to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\Package_Installer.PRC
-- Backing up AddressCitiesDB to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\AddressCitiesDB.PDB
-- Backing up AddressCompaniesDB to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\AddressCompaniesDB.PDB
-- Backing up epRegistry to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\epRegistry.PDB
-- Backing up GW-Msg-ep25 to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\GW-Msg-ep25.PDB
-- Backing up CKKeyCfg_CKDD to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\CKKeyCfg_CKDD.PDB
-- Backing up epExpansionAccess to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\epExpansionAccess.PRC
-- Backing up libaupd to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\libaupd.PRC
-- Backing up psysLaunchDB to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\psysLaunchDB.PDB
-- Backing up PmTraceDatabase to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\PmTraceDatabase.PDB
-- Backing up Saved Preferences to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\Saved_Preferences.PRC
-- Backing up AddressStatesDB to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\AddressStatesDB.PDB
-- Backing up GW-Tabs-ep25 to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\GW-Tabs-ep25.PDB
-- Backing up version-nc42 to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\version-nc42.PDB
-- Backing up CalculusDB to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\CalculusDB.PDB
-- Backing up CKDayData_CKDD to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\CKDayData_CKDD.PDB
-- Backing up CKDdb_CKDD to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\CKDdb_CKDD.PDB
-- Backing up CKMyFood_CKDD to C:\Program Files\Palm\GriffiM\Backup\CKMyFood_CKDD.PDB
-- The database for EULAText-nc-2.pdb was deleted on the handheld. Moving the backup to the Archive folder.
OK Backup

HotSync operation completed on 07/06/06 23:54:55

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1 Solution
do a 'Detect and Repair' on Outlook. Then try a re-sync.

The errors appear to originate from there.

- Recovery Sync
Outlook Tasks synchronization failed

I guess worse case would be to
1. backup the PDA,
2. wipe it out
3. and resync

duyenoyamaAuthor Commented:

Thank you for your response.  I will try your suggestion re:  'Detect and Repair' on the afternoon of W, 07.12.06 and report back w/ any and all results.

If that doesn't help, we'll proceed w/ performing a complete backup, hard reset and resync choosing 'Outlook overwrites Handheld' option to get some of the data in the Tungsten E2.  From there, my guess is we'll restore the data that was originally in Tungsten via BackupMan in hopes of merging it w/ the data from Outlook.

Hi duyenoyama,

Just curious as to the progress.

duyenoyamaAuthor Commented:

My apologies for a belated update.

We would've taken your advice re:  backing up the PDA, performing a hard reset and resynchronizing, but the backup s/w on the PDA (BackupMan) was failing as well.

Since the Contacts data was synchronized we needed a method to transfer Calendar, Tasks and Memos from the PDA over to OL.

After researching the OLERR:0D-0001 and other 'OLERR' errors, we found the one constant to be the Palm conduits.

We installed / configured Chapura's PocketMirror Standard XT conduits and chose 'Synchronize the files' option.

This worked successfully only for Tasks and synchronization failed during Calendar data (Memos was after Calendar, so that didn't work either).

Although synchronization of Calendar produced an error, we were only able to ID a handful of discrepancies between OL and the PDA, so we decided to live with it.

We then backed up the data via BackupMan (worked via Chapura's PocketMirror conduit), beamed all Memo data from the Tungsten E2 to an idle Palm Vx, performed a hard reset on the Tungsten E2 and chose 'Outlook overwrites handheld.'

Contacts and Tasks data were the same, but due to the error re:  Calendar, no data was transferred to the PDA.

We restored Memos data by beaming all data back to the Tungsten E2 from the Palm Vx and restored Calendar data from backup set created using BackupMan.

Finally, we eliminated conduits by migrating the data over to Chapura's KeySuite.

All data is synchronizing properly, but BackupMan is throwing errors due to NVFS reads (working w/ tech support on this final issue).

Hope this helps others avoid any and all of the above.

PAQed with points refunded (500)

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