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I know that vb.net command builder is created automatically through dataAdapter, I would like to know in which circumstance I should create a command builder through the code.

an example might help.


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dttriConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This article contains an example on how to use SQLCommandBuilder class:
Davidshc76Connect With a Mentor Commented:
OleDbCommandBuilder can be use to generate the command for insert, update, delete ....
But your table must have primary key generated. Below are the sample code ........

DaUserList = New OleDbDataAdapter()
DaUserList.SelectCommand = New OleDbCommand(SelectString, g_objconn)

Dim CB As OleDbCommandBuilder
CB = New OleDbCommandBuilder(DaUserList)
DaUserList.InsertCommand = CB.GetInsertCommand()
DaUserList.UpdateCommand = CB.GetUpdateCommand()
DaUserList.DeleteCommand = CB.GetDeleteCommand()

DsUserList = New DataSet()
DaUserList.Fill(DsUserList, "USERMASTER")
There are many different CommandBuilder versions for different database system, eg OleDBCommandBuilder, SQLCommandBuilder, OracleCommandBuilder... but the general syntax is the same.
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