MSGINA with pcAnywhere 10.5 - Cannot Login

We had a PC the would not come up with the login screen for WinXP Pro.  An error was given stating there was a problem with the Gina Authenticator & pcAnywhere.  I am sorry I cannot be more specific, but the remote site did not write down the error.

You could log into the PC in Safe Mode, but not in Normal mode.  The PC would boot up, and just when the logn screen came up, the error would appear.  We tried to removed pcAnywhere, but it would not under Safe Mode.  Also, we performed a System Restore, but that also did not cure the problem.  This is pcAnywhere 10.5, so their is no longer an issue with the awgina.dll that occured in versions up to 10.0.  

Any ideas as to what could be the problem.  I have used pcAnywhere for as long as I can remember, and this is the first time it prevented me from loging into a PC.  
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PberSolutions ArchitectCommented:
I'm not sure what the problem with PCanywhere is, but maybe you could get back in by following the solution here.

Then at least you can get in...

in Safe mode, run msconfig, then look in the startup and drivers section for something like "msgina.." and also anything that references to pcanywhere, and uncheck them. Then restart normally to find out if the problem persists.
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javier196, have you had a chance to check out these links to help you in resolving your issue?
ok thanks
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