Citrix Applicatoin running to a mapped drive of a server outside the farm, do i need to map the drive for the citrix client?

I have an application that I want to run in Citrix PS 4.00

It is a access database application that resides on another server \\Server2

Typical installation for a workstation is to install the application locally,
then, change the directory listing the database in the target as below.

C:\ABC\MRND2F0.EXE j:\ABC\Ward.mdb /ini C:\WINDOWS\ABC.ini

where "J" drive was changed from C drive.

On the Citrix server itself, the application runs,
When I attempt to put it into Citrix, it give me an error that
"can't find file j:\abc\ward.mdb. Please verifiy the correct path and file name are given"

Since the App will run directly on the citrix server, but not on the citrix session, I'm guessing the mapping does not carry over from the citrix server to server2.  If I am right, how do I map the drive so the application runs?
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BLipmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Each session needs this J: drive mapped within it.  Test the setup using a published desktop so you can see everything happening (especially any errors).  I like to use GPO to call logon scripts which in turn map my drives.  Another way would be to call a drive mapping script in the AppSetup key:
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]
you can add a , to the end of the last script and type in your drive mapper; do this to each Citrix server and drop the script in your System32 folder.  If you need to filter based on groups you can call IfMember (from the NT Resource Kit):

Post more info if you can!
Quadeeb2003Author Commented:
Thanks Blipman, I will need to use the Ifmember to filter based on groups.
So will I do all of the mapping with batch files and use the ifmember, or is there a combination of the solutions that works.

I'm going for easiest here.
If you are going for quick and easy, the registry is the way to go IMO.  Let us know if you need further help with this.  
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