Get a satellite picture programmatically

My application deals with real estate and we are wanting to grab an aerial or satellite picture from some place on the web to associate it with the property being worked with.  To do this programmatically would be great.

How can I do this? Any code examples would be great.  Getting the exact house in picture is needed, but only have the exact house isn't expected.
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LMuadDIbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First off you should read the Google Maps Terms and Conditions:

Google Maps API:

The Google Maps JavaScript API lets you embed Google Maps in your own web pages. And you can adjust the output some thru js
THe API shows you info about HTTP_REQUEST too...
Im not sure how to grab the map output though...
well, you have to have the full description of the webservice or website or whatever you have that provides the images
digitalwavIT Infrastructure ManagerAuthor Commented:
I haven't gotten that far yet, I was hoping for some suggestions. There are many out there.
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like BlackTigerX said, it depends on where your grabbing the images from...

if its a static image, it would be simple... using a http component to grab the image
but some sites you have to do a http request and pass args (address info) to execute a web page before you can download the image

we would need to know which website... every website is different

digitalwavIT Infrastructure ManagerAuthor Commented:
Let me find one...
digitalwavIT Infrastructure ManagerAuthor Commented:
Ok, lets assume google maps for an example, I can plug in the address and call the url w/ the address on it.

Here's what needs to be done from there:

Zoom all the way in, center on the address and pick up a 200x200 pixel area and save it to a file.

Any ideas on how to do that? I'm really bad with manipulating web pages programmatically.
digitalwavIT Infrastructure ManagerAuthor Commented:
That'll work as a starting point. I totally forgot they had an API I could work with.  Thanks!
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