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Email server prob? rate limited? why will my mail not just go?

Hi All,

I recently moved to a new pc and at the same exact time, moved to using thunderbird instead of outlook express and bought a new domain on the web. My isp stayed the same - AOL.

Basically, whenever i try to send mail i have an incredibly hard time doing so and i dont know why. It can easily take 20 attempts to get mail to GO! My new domain is setup to handle my outgoing mail.

Most of the time i get this message;

>>Sending of message failed.

>>The message could not be sent because connecting to SMTP server mail.mysite.com failed. The server may be unavailable or is >>refusing SMTP connections. Please verify that your SMTP server setting is correct and try again, or else contact your network administrator.

But my smtp setting is correct. How do i know? Because sometimes my mail does GO!! So it cant be wrong, because eventually everything goes through it, i just have to sit for ages hitting send over and over.

Once in a while i get this message;

>>An error occurred sending mail: The mail server sent an incorrect greeting: Cannot connect to SMTP server (IP address here: port 25), >>connect error 10060.

No idea what the problem is.

And very rarely I get this message;

>>An error occurred sending mail: The mail server sent an incorrect greeting: 4.3.2 (IPT:RL) Rate Limited. >>http://postmaster.aol.com/errors/554iptrl/html

What this has to do with my ISP i dont know. I'm not using my AOL email account in any way, and no AOL settings are in my Thunderbird mail program. My domain is just bog standard domain like anyone buys and I got a savvy mate to setup the control panel etc - he knows his stuff, he's done it loads of times but he's never seen this.

I have tried changing my port setting (complete failure) and other mail server settings but nothing improves things for me.

I madly frustrated with this, i run my own business and need to be able to get emails out in a timely manner. Please help.
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4 Solutions
Jared LukerCommented:
It looks like your domain is being hosted by aol and thus your mail services are being handled by them as well.  Do you have the same problems with outlook express on the same (new) machine.

Can you break out the old PC and see if you have the same problems with it on that?

Also, check to make sure your smtp settings are using port 25 and not port 110 (unless you are trying to use secure sign in)
Jared LukerCommented:
Also, make sure you have the very latest version of TunderBird.

Create a new account in Mozilla Suite or Thunderbird and choose IMAP as your server type. Then, use the following information to complete the fields:
Incoming server (IMAP)       imap.aol.com
Port       Leave it to be set automatically (993 for SSL)
Security Settings/connection       AOL supports SSL, so you should probably use it.
Security Settings/Use secure authentication       Do not check; AOL does not support this; see Note, below.
Username       Your screen name
Outgoing Server (SMTP)       smtp.aol.com
Username       Your screen name
Security/connection       AOL supports SSL, so you should probably use it; use port 465 in this case.
Port       587 (but 465 for SSL)
Description Name       Whatever you wish

You will be asked for the password when you connect for the first time.

You cannot manually add messages to the Inbox or Sent Items folders. Messages will be added to those folders after messages have been sent and received by the AOL server. You should probably use Local Folders if you want to store sent mail, email drafts, and templates. You can configure this under the account settings by selecting "Copies & Folders" under Account Settings. However, if you use Thunderbird/Mozilla (not AOL webmail or the AOL mail client) to create folders with different names (e.g. Drafts--Tbird and Sent--Tbird) and change your "Copies & Folders" account settings appropriately, you may be able to get Thunderbird to save drafts and sent mail in them; I did.

Note: If you enable SSL, your password and email content is protected while in transit between you and AOL's servers, but enabling SSL won't cause mail to be protected while in transit between AOL's servers and other mail servers.

Also check firewall rules

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thecykeAuthor Commented:
Definitely have the latest Thunderbird, no worries there.

AOL is definitely not hosting my new domain, h**p://www.site5.com/ do - thats why i dont understand the error message relating to AOL. Everything is using port 25, for sure.
Your email is being ferried from your PC along an AOL pipe.  AOL will put an indicator on the email to indicate it came from a PC connected to an AOL service.  Your email will also have an internal indicator that it originated through a site5.com registered domain.  There is a discrepancy here which the recipient's email server - if operating a stringent security policy, will interpret as Relaying.  A spammer will Relay mail through a PC that has been turned into a zombie, and this is what the recipient's mail server is sometimes causing you grief.  It is down to the recipient's mail server to decide whether or not to accept your email.  In some cases, they will, in some cases they won't.  In between, some mail servers use techniques such as Tarpitting to make it hard going to send email to them.
As a way out, you could talk your isp into allowing you to use their smtp server in order to send emails out. You would need to tell them your domain and may need to config settings according to the isp's instructions. Whenever i have similar issues i use smtp.slt.lk as my smtp. You should check on this with your isp.
On a rather different thought, did you contact the domain hosting company about this matter. May turn out to be a misconfig on their site.
In general, AOL will not work with a computer resident client like Mozilla or Thunderbird, unless you use the AOL client.  They have hardcoded into the client the way to reach the SMTP, and they generally will not give it out.  If you can get the TRUE smtp client for AOL in your region, and the exact specs, it will work fine, but in most cases it will not work consistently.  

Best way is to give up on AOL and use your email for the website you just got.  You have endless choices of email names, VERY easy config of SMTP and POP, and no more justanotheraol13248596@aol.com.  You can now make it me@mysite.com

There is no comparison once you set it up -- stable and robust.  The only arduous part is telling all your friends what they new email address is, and getting them to change.
Sound slike a DNS issue to me.
Since it works sometimes and not other, then your machine and your email SHOULD be setup correctly.
Based on the error you are getting the implication is that the application cannot connect to the server ... since we know the server is good this indicates that the address for the server that the application is getting is bad, or it is not getting one at all.

Make note of all DNS server IP addresses configured on your machine.

Check your DNS settings on your machine.  Chances are there are at least 2 ... one is probably working, at least intermittantly and the other not at all.
To check you can try going to a command prompt and running nslookup.
once you have the prompt > enter the server.domain for your mail server.  See if it resolves (make note of the DNS server address and IP when starting up the application)
Now type in server <IP Address of the next DNS Server>, press Enter
type in the mail server name and domain again ... see if it resolves.
Do this for each DNS entry ... hopefully one of them will come back as not resolving the name ... in which case, access you r IP address settings and remove this IP address from the DNS settings

This should resolve the problem.

If not, let us know what you did and what the symptoms are/were and we'll take it from there.
differing ideas, I think mine is right, but a split is appropriate.
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