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BofADev asked
I have a server running windows server 2003 with a usb harddrive attached to it that I use to backup my sever.  I'm trying to figure out the best way to backup my server with the harddrive.  First I did a normal backup because I read that you should always do one of these first.  Next, I scheduled an incremental backup to run everyday and append the new data to the same backup file.  The problem is every day around 1 gig gets added to this file.  Eventually I'm going to run out of space.  Is there a way to automatically purge data in the incremental backup file after so long.  Or can I manually go into the file and delete backups (The daily backup appear individually in under the incremental backup file.  I've done 3 or 4 so I have 3 or 4 "C" root folders inside of the incremental file.
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In general, you should not do incremental backups.  There are occasions where they make sense, but more often, they can be a huge hassle to restore in the event you need to restore data.

In addition, are you saying you only have ONE usb drive attached to the server for backup?  This is a VERY incomplete backup solution, you should have at least two that you can cycle off site and three would be preferable.

I would recommend you read over my backup comment - which got so extensive, I turned it into a web page.  If you have questions about it or questions not covered by it, please let me know.