Problem with .NET loading wrong Crytal Reports runtime during execution

Hi All,

i'm having a very annoying problem that i can't seem to resolve.  On one of our test machiens we installed our C# .NET client software, which, as part of the installer, installs the crystal reports 11.0 runtime environment.  

This laptop has the libraries for Crystal Reports 9.0 installed as well (back when Business Objects was Crystal Decisions).  

.NET won't use the 11.0 libraries.   How can I either tell my app  or .NET to use 11.0 libraries.  I can change this globally on the machine if that is easiest.  Nothing, to my knowledge, cares about 9.0 (I am willing to uninstall it and break something if it does).  

When I examine the loaded libraries using Process Explorer by Sys Internals, i can see when i run the app on my machine, the Crystal Reports libraries loaded on my machine are all coming from the GAC and

c:\program files\common files\Business objects\3.0\

Where as on the bad laptop, they are all coming from the GAC and

c:\program files\common files\Cyrstal Decisions\1.0.  

On both of the machines, i have done a full install of Crystal Reports 11.0 but nothing stopped the bad laptop from loaded the 9.0 libraries.

Any thoughts?
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vo1dConnect With a Mentor Commented:
in your project path reference folder, setup all crystal reports dlls with specific version = true and copy local = true.
then you will have to deploy your app with the local copied dlls of crystal report, so you won't have to install on every machine the dll's.
jjacksnAuthor Commented:
I see the copy local property , but I do not see the "specific version" property.  Is that property found by clicking on the specific library or the References folder in its properties?

I do see a Strong Name property but i can't change it.
which net version do you use?
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jjacksnAuthor Commented:
oh, i only have vs2005 installed on my homemachine, will take a look at may workmachine tomorrow. think, that this is a property for net2.0.
i think there is no need for that property because its only net 1.
so give it a try what you have setuped right now.
jjacksnAuthor Commented:
vo1d, this seems to work.  

there is a follow up issue, however.  

the copy local options copies the dlls and creates two xml files with the same name as the libraries minus the .dll part.  these files contain what looks like a list of methods available.  Does these .xml files need to go with the dlls in the deployment?
no, that is only the method documentation(for intellisense) for the developers.
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