Sony ISB?

Trying to help my brother-in-law streamline his Sony Vaio laptop (ie, bring it down to less than 40 systray icons at startup).  Unfortunately, being on the other side of the Atlantic at this time means I can't see it directly so I might be misssing something quite obvious to someone with a machine.

Out of everything on the computer, I have been able to identify it all but for one (well, two, but the second is just a matter of being uncertain if it does A or B, neither of which he wants anyways)

The sticking point for me is a program running, ISBMgr

Everything I have been able to locate myself says "This is the Sony ISB Manager" - - the fact that it is in the sony folder, and Mgr is written as such, that was my own guess before looking for it.  There are other Sony ISB components in the system as well, or related to it.

But I can not find (even on the Sony site, unless I am searching incorrectly) ANY information to even suggest what ISB may stand for.  It could be something super critical, or something super trivial (Integrated-online Service-contract Bill-viewer).  

I don't want links to "This is the ISB Manager".  I don't want "This file is important, don't delete it".  Nor "This is one component of the much larger 'Sony ISB' package...

I want something to indicate what ISB means, something that can hopefully be confirmed via Sony technical paper ("And also includes a system to let you check the status of your system-contract account, as we constantly connect to our server and check its status every 3 minutes of operation: the Integrated-online Service-contract Bill-viewer"

Thanks - hopefully I was just too exhausted by the time I was researching that entry, but other than the billing example, I've had a hard time coming up with any deacronymized candidates to attempt to verify, other than Integrated likely being a 95% probability.

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☠ MASQ ☠Connect With a Mentor Commented:
ISB = It'sgottahave Somethingtodowith Batteries???  

Close, apparently it's 'Intelligent Sony Battery Manager' but I can find that anywhere either - Plus I've access to Sony's support site which doesn't list it although I know full well that it is on all the VAIOs as a standard utility ( - & yes the Sony forum people could well do with a lesson in designing sites for legibility!)

Eventually found this from Sony (through a backdoor search engine!)

But thought I'd throw in some circumstantial evidence from p'd off S420 owner

Outcome - yes you can delete it, may have an adverse affect on battery life.  If you're on 3rd party batteries already can only help.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
It's part of Sony's own VAIO power management system & manages internal battery power (won't work with 3rd party batteries either!)
GPrentice00Author Commented:
That link only comes up with a search-result page, with locked entries (and bloody hard to visualize)
I do NOT believe anything I see just based on the 3-lines of a search result, because the thing hitting may be way down in a list of "Here are some other things you can take a look at" and completely NOT in context at all with the other parts showing in a title, etc.  
Could be like an EE thread, someone posts "Can't get my computer to boot" and then posts a hijack this log entry later, does that mean finding the entry "mdm.exe" in the search line result mean that mdm.exe is associated with computer boot problems?  Not trying to be contrary, just cautious.  I've seen a lot of other of the sony programs being described in more detail as being "And when I disabled that, I was able to get my 3rd party battery to work" instead of that one.

If you have access to the other side of that to see the full posting with the full context, can you please post it here, even in partial form?

Otherwise, assume we're closer:  ISB = It'sgottahave Somethingtodowith Batteries???

Thanks for understanding, M.
GPrentice00Author Commented:
It does seem to be the battery program from other circumstantial evidences as well, although a different program has also been reported to resolve issues too.

Website design and legibilty - not a big concern - but if a company is going to have an abbreviation for something, they really need to provide the phrase somewhere, even in bragging about their new feature...  We'll have to accept this and use intelligent sony battery as the ISB abbreviation, although with the caveat that it can't be found to prove.  Which makes "Insistent Sony Bloatware" and "Insurance-of-using Sony Battery" strong runner-up category contenders.

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