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Mapping static IP's

I just upgraded to SBC static DSL for my home network...

I have 4 static IP's...

They sent me a 2Wire router and a link to    which allows me to "practice" setting the router up...

I don;t know what my static IP's are...they told me they were going to send me a list, never did...then they told me that when I get to the appropriate place in the setup of the 2Wire, I would be able to see the static IP's...we'll see...

What I have:
Speedstream dynamic DSL which will be replaced by the 2Wire...
W2003 SBS installed in a Dell Poweredge has 2 NICS, one unused...setup as a very simple DC...
Linksys RE042 router using internal DHCP...would like to keep it as the router for my lan if possible...
Several computers, all on XP pro...

What I want to do:
Set up IIS to host my own website(s)...
Setup an FTP server...
DHCP to my LAN from the router...

To set up the server as IIS, File Server and I establish 3 public static IP's, do I need a NIC for each one???
Then, does SBS have the ability to internally use the established IP for the particular service??? do I "set" a specific public IP for the FTP service or the IIS service in SBS???
This, I expect puts those 2 IP's outside the what do I need on the server for "protection"???...I have Norton CE and Sygate on the I need anything else???...

If I want to use my RE042 on my lan, do I set it up as a bridge and assign one of my public IP's to it???...then I expect I could use it to DHCP my IP's to my that right???

My goal today is to get the 2Wire set up, find out, if I can, what my public IP's are...and get one IP set for my LAN...

There will be more questions, but I will put those in different posts...


Steve Mutchler
Steve Mutchler
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1 Solution
you could put all your services on the same IP but if you wanted them to have different IPs you could install virtual server from microsoft (now free)
you can also create virtual NICs with Windows Load Balancing Service
One NIC will do all three.  Go into network properties, local area connection, properties, TCP setup properties and there you will see what the static IP is set to.  DO the same for IIS and any FTP server.

"Set up IIS to host my own website(s)...
Setup an FTP server..."

You wont be able to do this using DSL.  Sometimes you can use DynDNS to get a "fixed" IP from the WAN side, but in many DSL providers, they block this, because they do NOT want people doing exactly what you are trying to do -- it hogs too much bandwidth from cable or DSL, and almost all ISPs that give out these services will block outgoing ports 80 and 21, which kills IIS and FTP.
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Steve MutchlerIT TechAuthor Commented:
Well...when I ordered the static service from SBC, I specifically asked them if I can set up an IIS and FTP site, and they said, well find out...

Thanx for the info on using a single NIC...will check it out...
As long as SoBell has assigned you a static IP, you should be OK.  But they will have to tell you the numbers before you can do any setup.  If you can, keep the linksys as the main router, it is a great router for LAN.  I presume the 2wire is for 2 separate IPs coming into the servers, if that is what they are sending you, yes, the IPs might be preconfigured.  In this case you can use one for the IIS setup, and the second one for FTP, if it is important enough, otherwise run the 2nd line into the linksys for local networking, and keep the IIS and FTP together, on a separate IP from the local network.  That way, when you check your site, you will be going out to the net to get to the server, just like everyone else.  This simplifies testing.  One of the problems with testing IIS is if you have it on your local network, it is not so easy to access it externally from the web.  I would prefer the 2 IPs separate.
Steve MutchlerIT TechAuthor Commented:
Here is where I'm at with this...
Setting up the 2Wire for Static IP's wasn't that hard...I am going to open another question and detail how I set it
up and got it working in case someone else wants to do the same thing I am...

I have my RE042 feeding my lan...I haven't had a chance to do anything with the's just a DC and file server right now...

Probably next week or so I'll work on the FTP and IIS, get static IP's set...

But right now, I'm up and running...

Thanx for your help and comments...
I'll watch for the next one, glad it helped.
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