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Posted on 2006-07-09
Last Modified: 2010-04-30
I just want a little explaination on what happens on a computer with multiple accounts.
1. If I have an app add a value to the Startup section of the registry (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run)
so that the app starts when the computer starts, will that app start when the computer starts, or only when the user that installed it logs on, or when any user logs on or what?  I mainly want to know 2 things:  where to put it so that only the user that installed it will have it run when he logs on, and where to put it no matter who logs on, it will always start.
When a user logs off, and a different logs on, all his personal settings are set.  Does that also mean that any programs he installed to run at startup will also run?

2.  Same question, only with the startup folder instead of the registry.

I don't have multiple accounts on my computer and I don't want to set it up to test it because pulling a tooth is easier than getting rid of them.  I started making some of my apps available online, but I don't know enough about this to do it properly.  I need to make sure I set it up right so that it works for the end user.

Question by:ahammar
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this is only for the CURRENT user, so not for other users

use local machine (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE) instead for all users

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startup from the start menu:

if you put it in the %windir%\Username\Menu start\......

it will be ONLY for one user (Username in this case)

if you put it in All Users:
%windir%\All Users\Menu start\......
it is for all users.

but be aware!
the folder from the start menu is not always the same!
for example in dutch windows it is "Opstarten"
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Author Comment

ID: 17069201
So if I put something in:
then the app will only start when the user that installed it logs on?

even if a different user logs off and the user that installed it logs on without turning the computer off first?

Thanks Mark_FreeSoftware
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>>then the app will only start when the user that installed it logs on?

>>even if a different user logs off and the user that installed it logs on without turning the computer off first?
it should run then,
i'm going to test this now, and post back with the results
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ID: 17069235

test was positive,
it runs without shutting down
(so logging off and on runs the program)
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Author Comment

ID: 17069239
Ok...Thank you very much for doing that test for me!
You're awesome!

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ID: 17069327

thanks for the points, and happy coding!
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ID: 17069333

oh, almost forgot:

if you are not running on the admin account right now,
(name: "Admin" or "Administrator")

that is your secondary account, it just doesnt show up on the login screen

to access it:
press control + alt + del twice while at the login screen,
and type "Admin" as username
leave the password blank (that should work)

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