OWA and RWW not working on SBS2003


We have SBS2003 with a single network card.

We have just changed ISPs and routers

We are now using a Draytek router with fixed IP and port forwarding ports 25, 80,443, 1723, 3389 and 4125 to the network adapter on the server.

The old router (also a Draytek) was IP adddress and all was working fine.

I set up the new router on the network as address

I reran the Internet Connection Wizard and changed the default gateway to the new router

All works fine apart from OWA and RWW - VPN have reestablished and mail comes in ok.

Both OWA and RWW work normally on the LAN.

Accessing externally I can confirm that port 25 and port 80 are forwarding ok

however when i try the /remote or /exchange options I get a "Page can not be displayed" message "The page you are looking for is currently unavailable".

It doesn't switch to https and I don't get the certifictae downloaded (I have recreated a new certificate)

Any suggestions?

Many thanks
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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
What happens when you use https instead of http to try to access your server?

(FYI, you should also have port 444 open if you want companyweb access via RWW).

since you changed ISPs i would check your external DNS settings to make sure that your MS and A records point to the new IP address
mtxitAuthor Commented:
Thanks mikeleebrla
The DNS settings are correct - the problem occurs if I put

ip_address/remote or ip_address/exchange

in the adress line
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If you're not using the Premiun Edition (ISA2000/2004 in particular), or if you do but no special entries in your ISA settings, I would recommend to just rerun your CEICW.

Good luck...
mtxitAuthor Commented:

It's not Premium so there's no ISA to contend with.

I will rerun CEICW and report back.

mtxitAuthor Commented:
Hi rerunning CIECW didn't help.

The problem seems to be related to SSL

I've typed


and a login window pops up - the only difference (that I'm aware of) is that oma doesn't need SSL

Try if the old Q is related to your issues.


Got to go. Time to go to work... :)

Good luck...
mtxitAuthor Commented:

It turned out that the new router uses 443 for it's management interface - I've moved this to 8443 and all works fine.

Many thanks to all who helped - I'll split the points as a thank you.

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