Some websites denying access due to cookies?

Hi All,

I have a strange problem. With a few websites (secure banking type sites) I cannot proceed past a certain page due to an error.

Now when checking this error with the website provider (custom error message) they say clean the cookies and temp internet files.

I've done all of that - changed the security settings - even did a re-installation of windows and the error still occurs.

The website provider claim it is not them and the website does work on other computers.

Does anyone know of situations like this and how to remedy the browser to stop these errors?

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add these sites to your 'trusted sites' in Internet explorer

tools>internet options>security tab
These sites normally only test with Internet Explorer, and often only work with the latest versions (at least IE6). Trying to browse with Firebox, Opera etc doesn't work because of 'poor' coding to fit in with the IE perculiarities.

Although I'm a great fan of open source, and use Linux, I have to use Internet Explorer (running under WINE) in order to access my share trading account.

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ITrangerAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys but I tried all that.

The problem in the end was the INDEX.DAT file stored in the cookies folder. It is neraly impossible to delete as it's used by windows during normal operation.

I used a track erasing program to delete/refresh the file (

So there you go, another thing to do to add to your library of IT support!

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