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I seem to be missing something. I create as dataset, then the dataview and set the datagrid to the dataview. Why are the scrollbars grayed out and useless?
Neal HartmanAsked:
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I found an answer for you;

Right after binding the data to the datagrid re-enable the scrollbar. If you have a large datatable you'll find that both vertical and horizontal scrollbars are visible but disabled. Do this in the following manner:

datagrid.Controls[0].Enabled = true; // Index zero is the horizontal scrollbar
datagrid.Controls[1].Enabled = true; // Index one is the vertical scrollbar

...but make sure you do the above *after* applying any RowFilter criteria to the underlying DataView you are binding to, ...

...or the Scrollbars get disabled again.
Do you have the datagrid on a panel or other type of container control?
Neal HartmanAuthor Commented:
Yes, it's on a Tabcontrol.
Are you disabling the Tabcontrol for any reason?
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