Error printing report

Im getting PCL XL errors while printing an access report on a particular users machine.  The printed errors look like this:

PCL XL Error
Subsystem: KERNAL
Error: IllegalOperatorSequence
Operator:  EndSession
Position: 25

This user is using Access 2003, Windows XP pro.  This error is the same whether printed on our Cannon Copier or HP Laserjet.  
I know this is not an issue with Access, it has something to do with Firmware or print drivers, as my machine prints this fine using another printer, but it seems to me that this problem had never occurred in the past using Access 2000 printing the same reports.  The troubleshooting steps I have taken so far, to no effect are:

Reboot the Computer
Reboot the Printers
Delete and reinstall the printers

What should be my next steps in eliminating the problem?

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rockiroadsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I guess the usual thing to try is to ensure u have all the latest updates from Windows and probably the printer drivers
Does this problem occur on ALL reports?

Have u tried printing to a file or PDF?

BillPowellAuthor Commented:
Will the windows updates take care of the print drivers, or will I have to go to HP and Cannons website to get the latest drivers.  I guess I will also need to update the drivers on the server hosting those printers.

Does this problem occur on ALL reports?  <-- I dont believe so

Have u tried printing to a file or PDF?  <--Not yet, but I will

Sorry to be so scarce on trying the obvious things first, I dont have access to this machine, Im troubleshooting by phone.
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Yea, understand. No problems

It could be specific to the report. Perhaps that particular copy of the DB is corrupt somehow, a possibility. So u could try sending them a replacement DB
BillPowellAuthor Commented:
OK, problem solved.  It turns out that theres some issue with using the latest PCL 6 drivers with our printers and so weve returned to using the older PCL 5e drivers which seem to fix the PCL errors.
drivers, dont u just hate them!
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